Come and Taste The Best Durian in Durian Fair 2016 in Jakarta.

Durian Season in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

The beauty of living in a tropical country like Indonesia is a fast diversity of fruit availability in the market all year round. During dry season, the best available fruit is probably mangoes; but during wet season the best you can have a try is durian, which is well known as the king of fruits.

To mark the durian season in Indonesia, a festival on durian, called Durian Fair 2016 is taking place in Jakarta at Blok M Square, South Jakarta from February 27 to March 6, 2016. The festival presents at least 20 best durians from West Java and Central Java. The Fruits come all the way from as far as Mijen, Banyumas, Pandeglang, Rancamaya. 

Visitors will also have the opportunities of buying a wide range of processed food products made from durians. The products will be like cookies, ice cream with durian taste, as well as coffee with durian fragrance.So, why don't you hurry up come to Jakarta and indulge your taste for high quality of durians in Indonesia.

 Source:  Harian Kompas, Monday, February 28 2016.


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