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Come and Taste The Best Durian in Durian Fair 2016 in Jakarta.

The beauty of living in a tropical country like Indonesia is a fast diversity of fruit availability in the market all year round. During dry season, the best available fruit is probably mangoes; but during wet season the best you can have a try is durian, which is well known as the king of fruits.
To mark the durian season in Indonesia, a festival on durian, called Durian Fair 2016 is taking place in Jakarta at Blok M Square, South Jakarta from February 27 to March 6, 2016. The festival presents at least 20 best durians from West Java and Central Java. The Fruits come all the way from as far as Mijen, Banyumas, Pandeglang, Rancamaya. 
Visitors will also have the opportunities of buying a wide range of processed food products made from durians. The products will be like cookies, ice cream with durian taste, as well as coffee with durian fragrance.So, why don't you hurry up come to Jakarta and indulge your taste for high quality of durians in Indonesia.
 Source:  Harian Kompas, Monday,…

Visit Jikomolamu Beach, Ternate.

Ternate is indeed an exotic island.As an island city, you will find a handful beaches to visit around the tiny island like NukilaParksandFalaJava Beach,SulamadahaBeach, SmallTolire Beach,  Fitu Beach, and Batu Angus Beach. Yet you will surprise to find a hidden beach called Jikomalamu. 
Located in a sheltered bay directly opposite the island Hiri, you will find a white sandy beach with white sand spans approximately only 100 meters. This is just the place to enjoy yourself . With clear water, so crystal clear to seem beautiful coral reefs towing. In this area, underwater bay is dominated by hard coral, of course, is a paradise for those who like snorkeling and diving.
Jikomalamo beach is named afterthe townshipinHiri Island(an islandright in front ofthe bay).The location isnot too far fromSulamadaha beachand still beon the island ofTernate, butland access is limitedto thebayJikomalamo, the only to reach the bayis by hiringspeedboatswithrental costsapproximatelyRp.250thousandfor t…

Visit Sulamadaha Beach, Ternate.

Ternate is a city at the foot of Gamalama Mount also an island city, encircling by beaches. The most popular beach in Ternate is Sulamadaha beach, located in the northern part of Ternate island. Sulamadaha has many species of coastal and marine life which is very spectacular with unspoiled reef and crystal clear water. Hiri island, opposite to the island, is only a stone-throw away from this beach.
Approximately 14 miles from downtown Ternate, Sulamadaha Coast is easily accessible by public transport or private vehicles. The best spot to venture is about a stroll away for about ten minute to the left,you will a bay called Saomadaha bay with white sandy beach and marine park. You can perform water sport activities like swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Unique Tourist Destination in Ternate, North Maluku: Batu Angus.

Batu Angus, Ternateis one of thefavorite tourist destination located about10kmfrom the city centerof Ternate, North Maluku province. Batu angus, meaning burnt stone, formed by lava flow from the eruption of Gamalama Mount in Ternate.

Come and Visit Kasa Island, West Seram, Maluku Province.

Visit "Old City" of Jakarta : Toko Merah

Toko Merah or "red store"isalegacy ofthe Dutchcolonial buildinglocated onthe west bank ofKaliBesar, Jakarta Old Town. Builtin 1730andis one of theoldest buildingsinJakarta. Thebuildingwas once theresidence of Governor GeneralvanImhoff(1705-1751).

Toko Merahbuildinglocated atJl. KaliBesarNo.11, West Jakarta. From a business standpoint, Toko Merahpreciselylocatedon the west bankof Kali Besar(de GrooteRiver), as the"central business district"herBatavia. At that time theCiliwung Riveris the lifeblood ofthe busywater trafficup to the inlandnavigable. Kali Besarneighborhooditselfis one of theeliteresidential areain the city ofOld Batavia.

In its history, the function and ownership of the two-floored building changed over time. it was used as the campus and dormitory of Academie de Marine (Naval Academy), office, even Heerenlogement  or hotel for government officials. The name of "Toko Merah" was inscripted into the luxurious building when used as  a store owned …

Visit Tambora Challenge 2016 in West Nusa Tenggara.

After the success of last year, the event of Tambora Challenge 2016 will be held again this year. The event is part of Wonderful Tambora Festival taking place over five days, from 11 to 16 April 2016. Wonderful Tambora Festival will be centered in Doro Ncanga, the foot of Mount Tambora with a series of event featuring various arts and cultural performance of West Nusa Tenggara.
Tambora Challenge 2016 consists of several activities. In the run activities, there is an Ultra Run or Ultra Marathon divided into two categories, namely 320 kilometers and 100 kilometers. Running category of the 320-kilometer distance is the longest and heaviest event in Southeast Asia.

Last year, only eight participants enrolled in the Ultra Marathon and two runners reached the finish point. Alan Maulana, runner from Bandung, West Java, managed to finish the race Ultra Marathon Trans-Sumbawa in the first position. He arrived at finish line in Doro ncanga, Dompu, NTB, with a time of 62.8 hours. President Jok…

Experience The Best Ever Solar Eclipse 2016 in Palembang, South Sumatera.

City and Time of Total Solar Eclipse in Indonesia (@hariankompas)

The totalsolar eclipsewill take placeon March 9,2016, and can be seen from11 provincesinIndonesia including South Sumatra. It is not onlyan attraction forIndonesiaitself, butalsofor foreign tourists tocomeandwitness thetotal solar eclipseinIndonesia.
Theeclipsecan be seenfromthe province of West Sumatra, Bengkulu, Jambi, South Sumatra, BangkaBelitung, West Kalimantan, SouthKalimantan, CentralKalimantan, EastKalimantan, West Sulawesi, CentralSulawesiandNorthMaluku.

The best location of viewing in South Sumatra is Palembang. The capital city of South Sumatera will be covered by sun eclipse for over 1 minute 51 second. The  eclipse will start at around 07:20:50 and end at 07:22:51 WIB (Western Indonesian Time); the maximum eclipse will be at 07:21:45.

The total solar eclipse in Palembang take five stages as follows :
Partial eclipse begins (first contact): The Moon's shadow starts becoming visible over the Sun's d…