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Visit Nusantara Bambo Festival in Pringsewu, Lampung.

In order to further introduce bamboo musical instruments to the domestic and international travelers,  Bamboo Festival will be held in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung. The festival will be commencing  from 29  to 30 November 2015. This is the 9th Archipelago Bamboo Festival was held, and the second time was held in Pringsewu.
In the festival, visitors will be entertained byvarious traditional music performances as well as bamboo - themed exhibition.Bamboo becomes the material for many traditional Indonesian musical instruments from wind instrument 'gocang', to the most famous the angklung.

The festival will be enlivened by performances of traditional music from various regions in Indonesia. Call it Gamolan (Pringsewu), The Big Bamboo Band (Pringsewu), Gamelan Awi Wanaselaras (Tasikmalaya), Awi Sampurasun (Cimahi), Bamboosa (Yogyakarta), Sendratasik SKIP Metro (Lampung), and others.

Not only that, tourists can also see various exhibitions of products of bamboo. There are also exhib…

Birding in Indonesia : Sulawesi and Halmahera

Extending along tropical line, Indonesia is blessed with abundace of wild life, including avifauna. In terms of bio-divesity, Indonesia comes in the scond after Brazil which also across tropical line. No wonder, Indonesia has more endemic birds than any other country(
Most endemic birds are in the Wallacea region of eastern Indonesia. Sulawesi supports twelve endemic bird genera. Of all Indonesian endemic birds, about sixty-one species are threatened: thirty-seven species are listed as Vulnerable, twenty-three are Endangered and eleven species are listed as Critical on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. (

So, it is worth visiting eastern Indonesia, particularly Sulawesi.Sulawesi has the highest number of endemic bird species of any of the Indonesian islands. The avifauna in this area attracts Wings Tour World wide to arrange a Wings Birding Tour to Sulawesi -precisely Central Sulawesi Province- from Oct 16 to Nov 5 2016.

The tour will cover three na…

Tourist Destinations in Jakarta: Historical Sites and Buildings.

Jakartaas thecapital of the countryhas avery interestinghistorical relicstovisit. Historyof Jakartais long, asone of themajor port cityinthe archipelago, Jakarta hasbecomeone of themain entranceevensinceprehistoric times, has also beenused as amajor portby the Dutch inthe colonial periodbefore itbecamethe capital ofthe Republic ofIndonesiaatthe time of independence.

Jakarta  is formerly called Batavia where sit the capital of the Dutch East Indies. As the center of the colonization in the East Indies during the period of 1610 to 1949, Batavia had witnessed the progression of area occupied extending inland ward from Northern Jakarta toward Central Jakarta.
From  a wooden warehouse and small settlement in the east bank of the mouth of the Ciliwung river in 1610, currently in North Jakarta, following a treaty signed by the Prince of Jayakarta and the VOC (the Dutch East Indies Company) representatives, the City of Batavia began developing along the banks of the Ciliwung river - the east …

Visit Tourist Destination in lampung: National Museum of Transmigration