Calender 2015 of Cultural Events in Indonesia

Nasi Tumpeng,  Culinary Tradition in Javanese Culture.

As an archipelago country, Indonesia consists of diverse ethnic and making it a very rich culture. Culture tourism in Indonesia composes of culinary tourism, along with historical and religion tourism being two sectors which allows tourists to learn and gain experience of different ways of life, customs, religious traditions, and ideas contained in the intellectual cultural heritage. Meanwhile, history and religion tourism present ancient architectures still standing strong as candid an mosques with amazing historical value.

The Palace of Traditional Kingdom Sekala Brak in West Lampung.

Calender of Cultural Events

 4 – 5  September 2015  Sate and Soto Festival in Padang, West Sumatera;
16       September 2015  Liwa Coffe Festival in Liwa, West Lampung, Lampung; 
18-19  September 2015  Nusantara Food Festival  in Batam, Riau Islands;
24-26  September 2015  Shining Sulawesi in Kendari,  South East Sulawesi;
25       September 2015  Nusantara Food Festival  in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan;
26-28  September 2015  Traditional Food Competition in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan;
 1 – 3  October     2015   Shining Sumatera in Pekan Baru, Riau;
 9 -10  October     2015   Young Chef Competition in Surabaya, East Java;
 9 -14  October     2015   Asmat Festival in Asmat, Papua (delayed till Jan 16 due to dry season);
12-14 October      2015   Mataraman Festival, Pacitan (East Java);
16-17 October      2015   Tourism Festival and Nusantara Bambo Culture, Lampung ;
16-17  October     2015   Herbal and Traditional Drink Festival in Surabaya, East Java;
19-22  October     2015   Twilight Festival, Kaimana (West Papua);
20       October     2015   Banyuwangi Ethno Festival, Banyuwangi (East Java);
20-24  October     2015   Sail 2 Indonesia, Tanjung Pinang (Riau Islands Province);
23-24  October     2015   Nusantara Fruit Festival in Medan, Sumatera North;
23-25  October     2015   Gemstone and Jewelry Festival, TMII (Jakarta);
23-25  October     2015   Maritime Culture Festival, Ambon (Maluku Province); 
24       October     2015   Exhibition of 30 Icon Nusantara Culinary, Bandung (West Java);
24-25  October    2015    Borneo Extravaganza 2015, CItywalk, Bandung (West Java);
25       October     2015   Jakarta Marathon, Jakarta;
28 Oct - 1 Nov     2015   Ubud Writers  & Readers, Ubud, Gianyar (Bali);  
30-31  October     2015   Dodol Festival in Pekanbaru, Riau;
1         November 2015   Exhibition of Toba Lake Festival, Medan (North Sumatera);
4  - 6   November 2015   Shinning Sumatera, Pekanbaru (Riau Province); 
6 – 7  November 2015    Eating Together Festival in Ternate, North Maluku;
7 -  9  November 2015   Tour de Bintan, Bintan (Riau Islands Province);
11-15 November  2015   Musi Triboatton, Palembang (South Sumatera);
12-15 November  2015  Kintamani Festival, Bali;
13-14  November 2015   Copy & Tea Festival in Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam;
14-15  November 2015   Kora-kora Festival, Ternate City (North Maluku);
15       November 2015   Borobudur Jazz Fesrival, Magelang (Central Java);
16-20  November 2015   Toba Lake Festival, Samosir (North Sumatera);
20-21  November 2015   Non Rice Food Festival in Manado, North Sulawesi;
26-28 October 2015 Tea Bel Nufit Festival in Kei, South East Maluku;
29 Nov- 8 Dec     2015   Rafting Championship, Citarik, Sukabumi (West Java);
4 - 5   December  2015   Festival Jajanan Pasar Nusantara, Batam (Riau Islands Province);
10-13 December  2015   Sabang Marine Festival, Sabang (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam);
12      December  2015   Wonderful Indonesia Promotion, Jakarta;
13      December  2015   Nusantara Day, Aceh.
16-18 December 2015 Malay Banquet in Batam, Riau Islands.

 Source: Ministry of Tourism


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