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Banyuwangi International Run 2015:"Run and Enjoy the Culture"

Working closely with a number ofparties, the Regency of Banyuwangiwill host an Internationalrun competition, BanyuwangiInternationalRun2015,for the firsttimeinthe regionon 17October 2015.The International run competition titled"Run and EnjoytheCulture", with a total prizeof IDR100.000.000,0.
The race will be divided into two categories, namely the distance of 5 km and 10 km. Registration is already open from 16 September to 13 October 2015 with a registration fee of IDR 100.000 for the participants open, and IDR 25.000 for the student participants.

Based on the information of Banyuwangi regent,AnwarAbdullahAnas, an internationalruncompetitionattended by1,000 participantsexpected toincrease government revenues (PAD) andboostthe entire economyof Banyuwangi, especially fromthe tourism sector. The competitionwas initiated bybusinessman in mining,telecommunications, andforestryproducts, SandiagaS.Uno. The participants will get benefits visitingBanyuwangiEthnoCarnival.

Source: www…

"Angkon Muakhi", The Procession for Recognition of Brotherhood to Chiness Community in Lampung

The beauty ofthisfraternity,Chinese communitywearingcapandgloveswrapped withTapis Lampung.That iscostumes usedin the processionofAngkonMuakhi for Chines community,legallytraditional kingdomskala Brakliftthe Chinese communityinLampungasfoster brother.
Thecustomary procession chaired bySultanSkalaBrak 23rd BrigjenPrinceEdwardSyahPernongwho also serve asthe police chief ofLampung Province. Edwardpinningbadgeskeangkonanmuakhiorrecognition of thesiblingstoa number of prominentChinese communityinLampung.
"Todaythe Chinese communityhasbecomerelatives in LambanDalomof KepaksianPernongSkalaBrak. Tomy brothers inLampung, fromthe south coasttothe west coastlisten. Afterthis processionlawfullyChinese communityare brothersandtheyare nowtheLampung," said EdwardSyahPernonginBandarLampung, Monday (09/21/2015).
Thisdeclaration, said EdwardSyahPernong, can not be drawnagainthoughdrawn bymorethan10strong cows. According to theChairman of theChinese Societyof Indonesia (PSMTI) Lampung, TarmiziTanj…

Get to know Jakarta, ride on the TransJakarta!

If you want to know better Jakarta City just lost yourself in the hustle and bustle city streets. But  the smart way to get around Jakarta is by riding on the TransJakarta. You can go to practically every corner of Jakarta City by hopping on this privately-owned bus operators, from the South Jakarta  to North Jakarta (eg. heading from Blok M to Kota) , or from the East Jakarta to the West (eg. heading from Pinang Ranti to Pluit) by picking the right bus way corridor.

There are nine corridors of bus way available in the capital city to take you to your destinations.
These bus way corridors are as follows :
Bus way Corridor I     serving Blok M terminal  to Kota terminal ;Bus way Corridor II    serving Pulo Gadung terminal to Harmoni terminal ;Bus way Corridor III  serving Kalideres terminal to Harmoni terminal;Bus way Corridor IV  serving Pulo Gadung terminal to Dukuh Atas terminal;Bus way Corridor V   serving Kampung Melayu Terminal to Ancol terminal;Bus way Corridor VI serving Raguna…

Visit Museum National Celebrating 100 Years of Basoeki Abdoellah.

Anie Baswedan, Ministry of Education and Culture,on September 21 2015 opened the exhibition of 100 years of Basoeki Abdoellah in National Museum until September 30 2015 with Mikke Susanto and Bambang Asrini Wijanarko as the curator. The theme of the exhibition is Rayuan : 100 Tahun Basoeki Abdoellah. Mikke Susanto & Bambang Asrini Wijanarko Mikke Susanto & Bambang Asrini WijanarkThe theme of the exhibition Rayuan : 10 Tahun Basoeki Abdoellah.

In a series of100anniversary ofthe birth ofAbdullahBasoeki, a number of worksthatshows warmth, cheerfulness, andthehumanstagebecomesthe mainselection. A number of workson the theme ofportraits, landscapes, mythology, andthe topic ofwomanhoodcan be seen in this event. for more information visit or email to  Here are some works of Basoeki Abdullah on Museum Nasional :

Calender 2015 of Cultural Events in Indonesia

Nasi Tumpeng,  Culinary Tradition in Javanese Culture.
As anarchipelago country, Indonesiaconsistsofdiverseethnicandmaking ita veryrichculture.Culture tourism in Indonesia composes of culinary tourism, along withhistorical and religion tourism being twosectorswhichallows touriststo learnandgain experienceofdifferent ways oflife, customs, religioustraditions, andideascontained in theintellectualcultural heritage. Meanwhile,history and religion tourismpresentancientarchitecturesstillstanding strongascandidanmosqueswithamazinghistorical value.

Calender of Cultural Events

Come and Explore Central Sulawesi: Tomini Sail 2015

Annual grand  sail event in Indonesia will be held under the name of Sail Tomini 2015. This international event will be held on September 19, 2015 in the province of Central Sulawesi, which is referred to as the heart of the world's coral reefs.The main event of Tomini Sail 2015 will be held in the district of Parigi Moutong which has the longest coastline in the Gulf of Tomini. Almost all parts of Parigi Moutong located in the coastal Gulf of Tomini.
The beauty of Tomini Bay can be enjoyed from almost all parts or sub-districts in Parigi Moutong, besides the Gulf of Tomini is the heart of the triangle of the world's coral (coral triangle). It has a high biodiversity and characteristics unique ecosystem, it is also beautiful. Gulf has an area of ​​coral reefs 1,031 hectares and 785.10 hectares of mangrove forest area. So, come and explore Central Sulawesi by attending Tomini Sail 2015.

Indonesia Goes to Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: 800 Old Manuscripts on Stage

The Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) is the world's largest trade fair for books, based on the number of publishing companies represented, as well as the number of visitors. The Frankfurt Book Fair is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trading. This year is the 67th Frankfurt Book Fair from 14 to 18 October 2015.
Indonesia is invited in the Frankfurt Book fair 2015 as Guest of Honor. This international event is a big opportunity to introducing the wealth of literary and culture to the World including old manuscripts. Around 800 old manuscripts from Indonesia will be exhibited, coming from a number of provinces aging around 700 years or made in 1300, with Thoralf Hanstein from German National Museum as a Curator.
The contents of the manuscripts varies from genealogyking, the story ofthe kingdom, traditional values,heroism, life guidance, and treatment. All of the manuscripts belong to the National Museum of German in Berlin and mostly b…