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Krakatau Islands : In rememberance of the August 27 1883 Eruption.

Krakatau Islands today is a cluster of islands in the Sunda street, spacing between Java island and Sumatra Island. Krakatau Islands consist  of following islands :Rakataatau Krakatau Besar, Panjangor Krakatau Kecil, Sertung, and Anak Krakatau. As a group of islands, Krakatau islands is called as volcanic islands referring to the remnants of Krakatau eruption on August 27, 1883.

Krakatau eruption in 1883 is one of the largest eruptions in modern times. The catastrophic even  is reported in sequences : "The beginning of the amazing events at Krakatoa in 1883 date to May 20 when there were initial rumblings and venting from the volcano, which had been dormant for about 200 years. Over the next three months, there were regular small blasts from Krakatoa out of three vents. On August 11, ash started spewing from the small mountain. Eruptions got progressively stronger until August 26, when the catastrophe began.
At noon, the volcano sent an ash cloud 20 miles into the air and …

Visit the Exhibition of Indonesia Songket and Similar Weaving Traditions.

Museum of Textile in Jakarta holds an exhibition of Indonesia and similar weaving tradition, " Ragam Songket Nusantara dan Tradisi Tenun Serupa". The even last on September 20, 2015. Do visit then you will learn more of cultural wealth throughout Indonesia from our weaving tradition. Source : Kompas, August 20 2015.

Want to Own Traditional House of Indonesia? Try Knockdown House!!

Dwelling on traditional house called Rumah Panggung to a great many Indonesia is still a wise choice. The main reason is a tradition. So, it is their duty to carry on living the house. However, the environment like wetlands, or the area prone to natural disaster requires them to build an elevated house according to local wisdom.

That's why so many Indonesians are still living on traditional houses particularly those who live in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi Islands. Traveling to remote areas in these main islands of Indonesia exposes you to dwelling houses or Rumah Panggung, made of wood and reflect the uniqueness and cultural wisdom. Although disaster came and went in a matter of years, decades, even centuries, old houses today are still firm.
Today, Rumah Panggung is nowadays a knockdown house. So owning traditional house of Indonesia is so simple. Practically any body can have the house,no longer locals or Indonesians. It is beyond border, across country. All you need is a…

Celebating Independence Day of Indonesia, August 17, 2015.

LegendaryUSmusic group,BonJovi,did notwant to misstocongratulateIndonesiathatreached the age of70 yearson Monday. They sent it via their official twitter account @BonJovi Monday. "@BonJovi :Happy Independence Day Indonesia! Dirgahayu Republik! See you on Sep 11. #BonJoviJakarta @LiveNationINDO,"
BonJoviagainsent "happy birthday" massage toIndonesiaviatheir official websiteonFacebook. "Happy Independence Day Indonesia! Dirgahayu Republik! We are excited to bring our tour to Jakarta on Sep 11. Book your tickets now at #BonJoviJakarta Live Nation Indonesia," (Source:

Visit Rainbow Troops Festival 2015, Belitung.

Tanjung Tinggi beach,Belitung Island, Bangka-Belitung Province is scheduled to host Rainbow Troops Festival 2015 or, Festival Laskar Pelangi, from August 27 to 29, 2015. This year is the forth and will take place in Lor beach. The festival, a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and the provincial government of Bangka Belitung, will highlight the spirit, moral, literature, and local arts.
Belitung Island becomes increasingly famous after a novel entitled "Laskar Pelang" or Rainbow Troopers by Andrea Hirata, Belitung-born novelist, made international recognition as the best-seller novel in many countries ( In order to promote Belitung island as tourist destination, particularly to international visitors, this even is named after the novel title. In fact, Belitung is a wonderful island with fascinating beaches. So don't miss out this festival.

Source: Kompas, August 13 2015.

Visit Indonesian Culture Week 2015

Ministry of Education and Culture, the government of Indonesia, will conduct Pekan Budaya Indonesia (PBI) or Indonesian Culture Week in Semarang, Central Java, from August 5 to 10, 2015 with theme " Harmoni dalam keberagaman Budaya" or Hamony in Cultural Diversity. So come and find out yourself the ultimate diversity of culture in Indonesia, you will be amazed by what culturally make up a  great nation called "Indonesia". So, don't miss out this event. Visit for more information.