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Ever Dream of Fancy Cars But Penniless? Why Don't You Buy One in Indonesia.

We all knowthatcurrentlytheBugattiVeyroncarbeattheworld's fastestsuper sports carrivalssuch asFerrariandLamborghini. the carcoming from Franceis the pride ofthe Frenchcitizensbecause it hasthe famous car manufacturerin the world. As theworld's fastestcar, Bugatti Veyron Super Sportlooksso prettyandsodashingfor the size ofa sports car. Of coursethis carattracted a lotof automotive enthusiaststobe able to own it.
But unfortunately,the price isveryexpensiveandlimitedstock availabilitymakesautomotive enthusiastsvyingto have it.The amount ofinterest, especially automotive enthusiastsBugattiVeyronsuper sportscar, inspiresawoodcraftsmanfromBoyolali, Central java, Indonesia torealize the desireof automotive enthusiaststohave asports careven thoughjust areplica.In the hands of EkoLukistyanto(43), craftsmenwhohave a businesscalledTetapJayaArt located atPecan, Mojosongo, Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesiatheminiature of cars and motorcycles thatutilizevarioustypes ofwood, especially teak i…

Visit Funtasy Island, in Batam City, Indonesia.

The largest eco theme park in the world is now Batam City, Indonesia. It is Funtasy Island,  consisting of 7 islands with the total area of 328 hectare : Air, Manis, Asam, Anak Ladang, Great 1, Great 2 and Great 3.Located 16km from Sentosa Cove, Singapore. A short boat ride away, Funtasy Island is well-served by the world-class marina.The planned soft launchwill becarried outin August 2015.
Herewill be constructedvarious buildingsandrides. Including 700villasconsistingof150unitsorfloatingon the sea and550unitsinthe mainland. By August2015,30% of construction will be completedready for habitation or approximately200unitsofthe 700. After thesoft launchwas, FuntasyIslanddevelopmentcontinues. The construction of700villasexpected to be completedin 3 years.
What so special about Funtasy island? Spanning over 300 hectare of a natural eco-park boasts a thematic haven rich in biodiversity where one can enjoy its natural setting. A diverse range of exciting attractions and a multi-million inte…

Tour de Singkarak is Back in 2015, in West Sumatera, Indonesia.


Want some adrenalin-pumping activities in West Sumatra? Visit Lembah Harau

Haven't you heard of Harau Valley? Lembah Harau or Harau Valley lies in 50 Koto Regency, West Sumatra and is associated with  de Tour of Singkarak as (DTS) the collaboration of Union Cycliste International  with Amaury Sport Organisation and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Indonesia.
The location is a haven for sports lovers of rock climbing. Steepness of the cliffs that reach 90 degrees with a height that reaches 100 meters is indeed a challenge for climbers to conquer. Not only the rock-climbing, in Harau Valley, tourists can enjoy a variety of charms ranging stunning natural scenery, to see the caves were once used as a hiding place from the pursuit of colonialist fighters.
There is also a waterfall. The existence of Harau valley for local communities could not be separated from a legend in the past that originally a kingdom stood on the hill side while the bottom of the valley is the ocean floor.  The legend is reinforced by the results of research of geologists wh…

Visit Favourite Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the prime destinations for tourism, both from within the country and from abroad, besides Bali, Lombok, East Java and so on. In Yogyakarta, you can visit a wide variety of interesting sights, essentially very suitable for children, adults and the elderly. The most prominent is the historical tourism, but other kinds are not less interesting.
Jogjakarta is not only konwn as a pleasant tourism city, but also as a great education centers in Indonesia, naturally if Jogyakarta is also dubbed as the city of education. This City  is different from other cities in Indonesia in terms of quiet atmosphere, beautiful nature, very friendly people and delicious culinary, and all make up the main attraction of a city named Jogjakarta.
The hospitality of the city of Yogyakarta is not only seen from the atmosphere and tourist objects are beautiful and peaceful, but also the character of most of the communities in Yogyakarta are very friendly and open to foreigners, both…

The Best Choice for Your Holiday is Pasir Padi Beach, Bangka.

The most famous beach in the Initial areca. Pasir Padi is one of the charming beaches in Bangka Island. Located in the village of Air Itam, Initial areca and only 8 km from the city center. Make visitors from outside the region or abroad, whether arriving through the Port and Airport Base Amir Depati Balam.
Padi is a sand beach resort of the most visited in the holidays. The beaches are facing directly into the South China Sea offers some beautiful scenery. Extensive coastline, sometimes up to 300 meters, calm waves make this beach very comfortable for swimming and bathing.
Like most other charming beaches across the island of Bangka, Panorama Pasir Padi guaranteed to make visitors amazed. In the southern part of this coast there Tanjung Bunga. Well, for those of you who want to enjoy the charm of this beach should not be afraid to get lost because the directional signs to the attractions already installed in several places.
Pasir Padi Beach sun with his beautiful appe…

Honeymooners,Come and Enjoy the Beauty of Kuta Beach.

For tourists (tourist) domestic and foreign, to enjoy the evening on the island of Bali feels incomplete if you have not watch the sunset (sunset) at Kuta Beach. The attraction in contrast to Kuta Beach Sanur beach is more desirable because of the beauty of the rising sun (sunrise). In addition to panoramic sunset, Kuta Beach also offers views are quite impressive, the line curved crescent-shaped beaches with white sand along the + 2 km.  Before it was transformed into a leading tourist attraction, formerly Kuta Beach is one of the trading port on the island of Bali as the marketing of agricultural products inland communities with buyers from outside. In the 19th century, Mads Lange, a Danish merchant, settled and established a trading base at Kuta Beach. Through negotiating skills, Mads Lange became intermediaries trade between the kings in Bali with the Dutch. In its development, started the famous Kuta Beach after Hugh Mahbett published a book entitled Praise to Ku…

Enjoy Your Eid Holiday in Sawarna Beach, Banten Province.

If you happen to be staying around Jakarta, Sawarna beach is the best option to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Natural beauty of the landscape tucked overlooking the Indian Ocean. White sandy beaches, clear blue watery with lush green and hilly. Up to 65 km long beach decorated coral and white sand. This beach is the most beautiful beach of the five beaches owned by the province of Banten.
Sawarna name of the beach, located in a coastal village that has a wide variety of interesting attractions to visit such as beaches, rivers, forests, rock climbing, cave, and agrotourism. This beautiful coastal region fused with the mystical story of Nyai Roro Kidul and exploitation of coal in Bayah and Lebak by foreign invaders.
Sawarna Tourism Village is a natural starting point for you to navigate the beautiful to the experience of interacting with an understated traditional society. The beach is located in the region Sawarna Gendol Village, Village Sawarna, Bayah…

Visit Lembang Bandung For Your Holiday

No matter who you are, revitalize your soul and body with holiday. So forget when it always comes around. This year  it may take a week long holiday, so if you haven't thought of where to go, for those of you happen to be in Bandung or Jakarta, Lembang north of Bandung is the best place to hide away. Lembang is a popular spot of vacation offering natural, as well as culinary attractions  Here are attractions around Lembang Bandung you should visit during your holiday
Gunung Tangkuban Perahu Tangkuban Perahu Mount isafamous touristspotinLembang, Bandung. This isthemostattractivelandmarks of tourism industry in Lembang.With adistance of about30km from the cityof Bandung, youcanvisit Gunung Tangkuban Perahufrom7 am to5 pm.There are someinterestingareasin aroundTangkuban Perahu Mount isthat you can visit, namelyUpas Crater, Ratu Crater, KawahDomas Crater, andJurig Crater. Youcantake pictures with friendsandfamilywithbackground  fascinating crater.Natural scenery inTangkuban Perahu Mou…