Visit Amazing Solo, Central Java Province

Royal Mangkunagara Function Hall in Solo.
Solo City is the city where the President of Indonesia -Jokowi- comes from, who was once the mayor of this wonderful city. It takes around one hour driving from Jogjakarta to Solo.The wedding ceremony of the eldest son of Jokowi took place in Graha Saba Buana, bringing many prominent figures as well as ordinary people visiting this beautiful city. It is worth visiting Solo City as it has many attractions to see including :

Taman Balekambang
This park is located in Jalan Ahmad Yani, about 1,4 km away from Graha Saba Buana. This park was built by Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Aro (KGPA) Mangkunegara VII for his twin daugher: Partini and Partinah.The park serves as city forest and a sunctuary for a number of deers. 

Museum Radya Pustaka 
Museum Radya Pustaka lies in Taman Sri Wedari, and around 4 km from Graha Saba Buana. Museum keeps a varieties of historical items such as spear, kris, gamela, old books and many others.

Bateeqs Kampoeng Laweyan and Kauman
It is located not far from Klewer market. This bateeq kampoeng is the biggest producers of Bateeq in Solo city. You can reach it by walking or riding becaks as it is close by. Try to make a visit in the morning if you want to see the bateeq-making process and learn it first hand from Bateeq makers.

Want to try Solo culinary? Gladag Langen Bogan (Galabo) provides special dishes from Solo. It is "one stop" culiner center in Solo City. Galabo is located in Jalan Mayor Sunarno.

Kasunanan Surakarta Palace
It is "a must" destination in Solo City. A visit into the place would take you into a travel of history, art, and also culture through the legacy of Surakarta Sultanate.

Mangkunegara Palace.
Do not forget to stop by in this palace as  it is truly a visit into the history of Javanese where you will have another perspective of the influence of the Dutch colonization in Javanese society. Your visit to Solo City is not complete without setting you foot in this palace, Mangkunegara Palace.

Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara and Bus Werkuda
There are two modes of transportation fit to wander around Solo City : Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara  and Bus Werkuda. Sepur Kluthuk Jaladara is an old train driven steam power made by Germany in 1896. It is available on rent. Besides, Bus Werkuda is also available to take you around Solo City. Bus Werkuda is double decker bus provided for tourism purposes.


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