Visit Unique Destinations in North Sumatera

Hasil gambar untuk istana maimun
The Mainmun Palace, a legacy of Deli Sultanate in Medan, North Sumatera
North Sumatera or Sumatera Utara is a fantastic destination. Tourists are spoiled with the panoramic view of hightlands from Gunung Leuser National park in Tangkahan toTarutung in the highland of Tapanuli and across to Lagundi Beach in Nias Island.  Apart from nature attractions, North Sumatera is very rich in culture. The Maimun Palace should be a "must go" in your itinerary. It is a heritage of Deli Sultanate accentuating an acculturation of six cultures: Mughal, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Indian, Dutch and Malay in the architecture of the palace. Nias Traditional house is worth of visiting reflecting an indigenous cultural house well-preserved until today.Here are their location on the map.

Maimun Palace or Maimoon Palace is a royal palac of Sultanate of Deli in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, Indonesia. It is situated in Jalan Brigjen Katamso and only 200 meters away from the Grand Mosque of Medan. 

The Palace has become a popular tourist destination in the city, not solely because of its historical heritage statues, but also because of its unique interior design of the palace, mixing the elements of Malay cultural heritage, Islam, Spanish, Indian, and Italian style. The influence of the Dutch architecture is reflected in the door shape, the window which is wide and high. The Spanish is seen in the door parts, while Islam shows its influence on the roof arch. In the exterior, the palace which faces east resembles the palace of Moghul kings. 

Maimun palace consists of three main rooms. Namely, the main building, right wing and left wing. The main building area of ​​412 square meters, it is often called the hall. That's where the royal throne is located. Throne is still used in certain events, especially during the coronation of the king or the royal family worship on holy days of Islam. The dominance of yellow color in the palace signifies the royal color of the Malay Kingdom. 

The palace occupies an area of 2,772 m2 with the height of building  reaches 14,14 m and has 40 rooms, 20 rooms in the upper level where the throne lies and 20 rooms in the lower level. The construction of the palace finished by August 25, 1888 in the era of Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah, the eldest son of Sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam, who established the City of Medan.

A visit to North Sumatera is not complete without a drop-by into Toba Lake. It is indeed a natural wonder at 900 m above sea level with an area of 1.145 km square making it the second largest lake in the World after Victoria Lake in Africa. Besides, Toba Lake also holds the record as the deepest lake in the World which reach the depth of 450 m. Uniquely, there lie Samosir Island in the middle of Toba Lake, a volcanic island that keeps historical items of Batak kingdom. In this island, you will find Sigale-gale, a human-like puppet usually played in local rituals to call spirits.

Taman Simalem resort is the spot to enjoy the spectacular view of Toba Lake from the height of 1.500 m. In this park, you can find also golf course, camping ground, flowers and fruits garden, twin waterfalll, cotages and restorant. The best spot to enjoy sun rise is One Tree Hill as the peak of the resort. You can also enjoy the panorama of Toba Lake from this point.


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