Visit Sulawesi Tenggara 2015 and Discover The Beauty of Underworld There

Indonesia archipelago offers innumerable spots for travelers to venture including Sulawesi Tenggara. Here, tourists can enjoy a handful of beautiful places including exotic beaches and spectacular underwater life with stunning bio-diversity. You can visit many spots of natural beauty and diving places like Pantai Mayaria, Pelabuhan Molawe, Pulau Labengke, Desa Baho, Pulao Saponda Laut, Lengara, Patai Nambo, Dermaga Tanjung Tiram, Water fall at Moramo, National Park Rawa Aopa Watumohai Section 1 and 2, Air Mandidi, Sikeli, Watuburi cave, Wesalo Peak, Tamborasi River, Biru Lake, the Buton Kingdom, Tirta Ramba, Bau-Bau Point, Wajo Market, and Wakatobi.

Thanks to Wallacea Expedition from England, it unearthed  the buried pearl in the marine life of Sulawesi Tenggara, particularly in 1995. The expedition revealed the wealth in the waters of Kepulauan Tukang Besi, now known as Wakatobi, consisting of 750  coral species out of 850 species around the World. 

In 1996, Wakatobi was declared by the Goverment of Indonesia as National Park  with a total area of around 1.39 millions ha and named after  the regency of Wakatobi. Before December 18, 2003, it was called Kepulauan Tukang Besi and part of Buton Regency. The name of Tukang Besi ( blacksmith) was given because of the profession of its population is mostly blacksmith. Wakatobi  regency consists of four main islands namely  Wangi-Wangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, dan Binongko. Its capital city is Wangi-Wangi.FInd tourist destinations in Sulawesi Tenggara in the following map.


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