Tourist Destinations in Aceh Nanggroe Darussalam

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) is a special territory of Indonesia and lies in the northernmost side of Sumatra Island. Administratively, Tourist destinations in NAD are found in Pulau Weh at Kota Sabang, Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Pidie, Aceh Utara , Aceh Tengah , East Aceh Timur,  Aceh Tenggara, Aceh Barat, and Aceh Selatan.

 Masjid Raya Baiturahman in Banda Aceh
 Masjid Raya Baiturahman in Banda Aceh

Baiturrahman grand mosque is a mosque located in the center of Banda Aceh. This mosque was once a mosque Sultanate of Aceh. When the Dutch attacked the city of Banda Aceh in 1873, the mosque was burned. Then in 1875 the Dutch rebuilding a mosque as his successor. 

The mosque, which occupies an area of ​​approximately four acres of this beautiful and unique architecture, has seven domes, four towers, and one parent tower. Artificial marble floored room in Italy, the extent of reaching 4,760 m2 and can accommodate up to 9,000 worshipers. In the front yard of the mosque there is a large pool, the grass is neatly trimmed with ornamental plants and palm trees. Historical events of the last is the tsunami of 26 December 2004. 

The height of the tsunami and the swift water of up to two meters were almost flooded the room in the Masjid Raya, to witness history for most people who survived when the shelter in Masjid Raya. After the tsunami water receded,  the Grand Mosque was used as a place to put thousands of bodies of tsunami victims.

Pulau Weh and Its Surroundings
Pulau Weh lies just north of Banda Aceh, within an administrative area called Kota Sabang. This beautiful tiny island is the main reason most tourists coming to NAD.  A number of tourism spots you may visit in and around Sabang are : the most favorite  Sea Garden in Rubiah Island; Nature reserve Forest in Iboih, Sukakarya; Kasih Beach at Kota Atas, Sukakarya; Hot Spring Water in Keunekai. Click here to find the location.
Rubiah Island

For marine lovers, once you set foot in NAD it couldn't be better than heading for Rubiah Island. Here, you will find marine park which is around 24 miles long by land to Pulau Weh or 7 miles by water. The sea garden it self covers about 2,600 ha of water in the vicinity of Rubiah Island offering spectacularly a beautiful undersea world. You will be amazed by the marine life in this sea garden - out of 15 species of marine life protected by the government, 14 species are found down there. In this nature reserve, its coral reefs come in a variety of types, shapes and colors. As well,  it  hosts a phenomenal number of colorful fish, including Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Lion Fish, Fish Flag,and more. No wonder that Rubiah Island serves as a favourite snorkelling and diving spot. The beauty of marine life can also be viewed from glass bottom boat.There are also activities you can do here like  sunbathe at white sand or stroll along the most popular beach in Pulau Weh at Ibioh.

Banda Aceh
Banda Aceh is the capital city of  Aceh Nanggroe Darussalam Province. Here, you can visit in convinient distance the following objects : Grand Most Baiturahman, Cermin beach, House of Cut Nyak Dhien, Gunongan dan Khoff, Museum Negeri istemewa Aceh, Makam Syah Kuala, and Makam Kandang XII.Click here to find the location.

House of Cur Nyak Dhien in aceh
The House of Cut Nyak Dhien in Banda Aceh.

Cut Nyak Dien is a famous female freedom fighter in the era of the Dutch colonization in Aceh. The original house was burned by the Dutch army, the house is filled with artifacts and replicas of private property Cut Nyak Dien now stands in its original location in the village of Lam Bananas, 4 miles west of Banda Aceh. The address is the Banda Aceh - Meulaboh Km. 12. You can take labi labi-that goes to Lhoknga / village Lampu'uk and will stop in front of the museum upon request.

Makam Cut Nyak Diean
The Tomb of Cut Nyak Dhien.

Click here to find the location of Cut Nyak Dien Village.

Other tourist attractions in NAD are :
  1. Grand Mosque Baiturrahman in Banda Aceh;
  2. Tsunami Muzeum in Banda Aceh;
  3. Taman Putroe Phang;
  4. Ali Hasjmy Muzeum;
  5. Waterfall Blang Kolam inSidomulyo, Kecamatan Kuta Makmur, Kabupaten Aceh Utara;
  6. Le Seuum (hotspring water) in the regency of Aceh Besar;
  7. National Park Gunung Leuser in NAD and North Sumatera;
  8. Laut Tawar Lake Gayo Highland, the regency of Aceh Tengah;
  9. Aneuk Laot lake in Sabang City at Pulau Weh;
  10. Kerkhoff, the Dutch graveyard;
  11. The Fort of Indrapura in Ladong village, the Sub-district of Masjid Raya, the regency of Aceh Besar;
  12. Ibioh Beach in Sabang City, Pulau Weh;
  13. Lhok Nga Beach.


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