Discover A Piece of Heaven in Tomini Togean Islands

Togean Islands, a national park with two areas of ecosystems such as oceans covering 292,000 hectares and 70,000 hectares of its land. Remote location and away from the bustle of life becomes lovers alluring charm and beauty of the natural landscape diversity of marine life. This bay islands located in Tojo Una-Una, Central Sulawesi.
Togean Islands National Park
The archipelago is a cluster of small islands across the center Tomini. There are approximately 60 islands here, some  are famous. Malenge Island, Island Una Una, Batudaka, Talatakoh, Waleakodi, and Waleabahi Island are islands magnitude.

In Togean you can see the expanse of mangrove forests and seagrass beach or 'Nambo' (seagrass beds) in the form of wide beach grass and a source of food for dugong marine mammals. Some rare turtle species also exist here as the green turtle (Chelonia mygas) and hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbriocata) which makes a beautiful beach here as foraging and breeding.
Coral-Triangle togean
In Togean there are about 33 species of mangrove that consists of 19 true mangrove species (true mangroves) and 14 species of mangrove follow up (mangrove associates). All 33 species of mangrove are grouped in 26 genera and 21 familia. It is clear in which there is a variety of fauna that inhabit the uniqueness of each.
Togean Island
In a stunning underwater you can see pilot whales, giant clams (Tridacna gigas), and trochus (Trochus niloticus), manta rays, gray reef sharks, and fish big eye trevally, and of course the colorful coral. Variety of coral reefs there are four types, namely: the coral barrier (barrier reef), coral tompok (patch reef), reef edge (fringing reef), and coral ring (atoll). There are also 35 species of butterflyfish (Chaetodontidae) who live in the vicinity as well be an indicator that the reefs are so healthy and natural. [Source]
Taman Nasional Kepulauan Togean


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