Never die before diving here: Spectacular dive spots in Indonesia!

Periplus Travel Guides (1992) recorded most of the world’s coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region center around the islands of Indonesia. No wander, underwater in Indonesia provides so many dive spots for scuba lovers to travel to Indonesia. Here are tourism destinations you should go to enjoy the beauty of the marine life.
Trumbu Karang
Scuba travel nominates Bali among 10 best dive sites in the world. In Bali, no matter whether you are just beginners or experienced divers, a wide variety of dive sites are available suiting your level. Tulamben is the Bali’s most-visited site. What bring people to Tulamben is to dive the Liberty ship wreck. The World War II ship was hit by torpedoes from a Japanese submarine while crossing the Lombok street.
Tulamben Bali
The wreck of the liberty ship lies parallel to the shore on the steep slope. Part of the super-structure is within snorkeling distance from the surface. The hulk is broken into large chunks, and there are lots of big holes in the hull, making it easy to explore the vessel’s innards.
Swimming in and around the wreck is what divers are marvel at. There are hundreds of species of fish in good numbers. Australian Rudie Kuiter, author of the definitive guide to Indonesia fishes, estimated that 400 species of reef fishes live on the wreck, which is also visited by perhaps 100 species of pelagic, underwater creatures ranging from the smallest crustaceans, ghost pipe fish, and pygmy seahorse to the largest fish like sharks and mola-mola sunfish abound. Click here to find the location.

Bunaken Marine Park
Bunaken Marine Park is located at the north end of the island of Sulawesi. Bunaken Marine Park is home to around 390 species of coral, various types of fish such as sharks, mandarin fish, stingrays, seahorses, turtles, marine mammals such as dugongs (Dugong) , and mollusks. The famous one is the king of ancient marine fish (choelacanth). With an area of 75,265 ha consisting of 97% waters and 3% land, Bunaken Marine Park has  20 dive spots with varying depths of up to 1344 meters. One of the most beautiful scenery in the Bunaken Marine Park is a great underwater walls as the food source for fish in the waters of Bunaken.Click here to find the location.
Bunaken Island Marine Park
Banda Sea Park
Banda Sea Garden is located in Central Maluku, in the cluster of  Pulau Neira , Pulau Gunung Api, Pulau Sjahrir dan Pulau Hatta. Banda Marine Park is one of the most beautiful marine park in the world. It has 310 reef-building coral species, about 871 species of fish, as well as sharks and grouper populations, including some types of fish and ancient shellfish protected like napoleon fish. Because of its beauty, in 2006 the Banda Sea Park was selected as a World Heritage Site for the underwater paradise of Indonesia.Click here to find the location.
Banda Neira
Wakatobi Marine Park
Wakatobi Marine park is a national marine park areas included in the Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. The beauty of the Wakatobi Marine Park has been known to foreign countries, especially after Wallacea expedition from England in 1995 which states that the Wakatobi region is very rich in species of coral. In the Wakatobi Marine Park there are 750 of 850 coral species in the world. Wakatobi Marine Park has an area of 1.39 million hectares with varying depths,  deepest part reaches 1,044 meters. Wakatobi is also home to manta rays which are only found in tropical waters. In November, Wakatobi is frequented by sperm whales. Click here to find the location.
 Wakatobi Marine National park
Raja Ampat Marine Park
Raja Ampat Marine Park Raja Ampat Islands is located in the northwest of the head of birds of Papua with the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Bantata and Waigeo. With an area of 4 million hectares of land and sea, Raja Ampat Marine Park crowned the largest marine park in Indonesia. These waters are home to 537 species of corals (75% of the total coral species in the world), more than 1000 species of reef fish, and 700 species of mollusks. Some types of fish that you can find when diving the waters of Raja Ampat include manta rays, wobbegongs, snapper, tuna and barracuda.Click here to find the location.
Holiday in Raja Ampat
Derawan Islands Marine Park
Derawan Islands Marine Park Derawan Island is located in Derawan Islands, District Derawan, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. Derawan Islands Marine Park has 28 dive spots and occupies the third highest in the world as an international dive destination. The waters are really rich in biodiversity. You can find 460 species of coral reefs and about 832 species of reef fish. Types of coral reefs in Derawan Islands consists of reef edge (fringing reef), coral barrier (barrier reef), and atolls. Here we can also find a variety of typical and protected species such as coconut crab (Birgus latro), whales, dolphins, green sea turtle, hawksbill turtle, dugong and fish. Other unique species that can be found is the manta rays and pigmy seahorse. Click here to find the location.
Derawan Islands Marine Park
Pantar Strait Marine Park
Pantar Strait is Located in Alor district, East Nusa Tenggara. The beauty of Pantar Strait Marine Park is able to attract divers from around the world. Pantar Strait Marine Park covers the waters of the Great Alor, Alor Kecil, Dulolong, Crocodile Island, Kepa Island, the island of Ternate, and the island temple. This marine park has the characteristics of the caves as well as the basic contours of the waters between 60 to 90 degrees and the uniqueness of the water flow in selatnya changing direction. Pantar Strait Marine Park has a 26 dive spots. The most interesting dive spot is Shark Close the place sharks gather.Click here to find the location.
Pantar Strait
Takabonerate Marine Park
Takabonerate National Park is located in South Sulawesi, 300 km from the city of Makassar. It  is the  third largest atoll in the world after Kwajifein (Marshall Islands) and Suvadiva (the Maldives). Atoll formed from the rest of the submerged volcanic eruption 2,000 meters below sea level. Over time the atoll reef will form a similar round shaped ring on it overgrown with various marine plants. The total area of the atoll in this Takabonerate Marine Park is 220,000 hectares with the distribution of coral reef area of 500 sq km and 261 species of coral. In Marine Park Takabonerate, for those who do diving or snorkeling can find nudi fish, cuttlefish, barracuda, rays, fish head bump at a depth of one meter. Click here to find the location.
Taka Bone Rate National park indonesia
Togean Islands
Marine Park Togean recorded in the Coral Triangle region of Indonesia - Philippines. Coral triangle is a triangular area of tropical marine waters that have more than 500 species of coral reef. Coral triangle region is a conservation area under the auspices of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Togean Islands Marine Park has four types of coral reefs, namely Coral Ring (Atoll), Coral Tompoh (Patch Reef), Coral Bank (Fringing Reef), and the Barrier Reef (Barrier Reef) which consists of about 262 species of coral reefs. Togean Islands Marine Park is also home to around 596 species of fish, 555 species of molluscs, such as butterfly fish, pilot whales, manta rays, gray reef sharks, big eye trevally fish, giant clams, trochus (Trachus niloticus), and dugong. If you're lucky, you can find hawksbill and green turtles that have been rare. Click here to find the location.
 Kepulauan Togean
Rubiah Marine Park
Rubiah island is located in Sabang, Aceh or rather in the northwest of the island of Weh. Rubiah island has an area of 2600 hectares is a bastion of Dutch and Japanese forces during World War II. Flow in this Rubiah relatively quiet waters and very clear (25 meters visibility). Marine Park Rubiah is a habitat for many species of tropical fish, coral reefs, giant clams and other marine life. In the first and second month of each year, you can also find the shark. For those of you who can not dive, you can still enjoy the beauty of the Marine Park Rubiah with glass vessel that surrounds Rubiah.Click here to find the location
Rubiah in Sabang Island Tourism - Aceh
Marine Parks Karimun Jawa
Karimun Jawa shipwrecks in the island of Karimun Karimun islands of Java can be accessed from the Port of Kartini, Jepara, or the Port of Tanjung Emas. Karimun Jawa National Park is an archipelago consisting of 22 islands with an area of 111 625 ha. Marine Park Karimun Jawa has some type of coral reefs: fringing reef, barrier reef and a few taka (patch reef). One attraction Marine Park Karimun Jawa is red coral (Tubipora musica) and black coral (Antiphates ssp) that have been classified as endangered. There is also a wreck reef fish habitat. In Marine Park Karimun Jawa You can find 242 species of fish, green turtle, hawksbill, Nicobar pigeon, and snail bun.Click here to find the location.
Underwater scenery Publications karimunjawa


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