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Jatim Park which stands for Jawa Timur Park is a tourist spot that is slightly similar to the Jaya Ancol park in Jakarta, but Jatim Park as the name suggests is located in the East Java town of Malang precisely. The location itself at 20 kilometers if you depart from the city of Malang, even now, this place has really grown and become one of the official tourism icons owned by East Java. Total vehicle that exists today is about 36 rides, and did not rule out the future will continue to grow.
Jatim Park 1

Here you can enjoy the attractions that religion, in addition to air stone cold regions, will create its own distinct atmosphere for your holiday, be more fun. Various types of rides available both for educational and recreational relieve tired for the whole family. Some examples of existing vehicle in Jatim Park 1 Malang for example the drop zone, spinning coaster, a haunted house, swimming pool, home plumbing and still many other rides are no less exciting.
East Java Vacation Packages
In Jatim Park is also convenient, because you can simply pay only once and can enjoy a variety of rides, of course, it means cheaper and more profitable, you do not need to be confused, bewildered, and could spend more time in this cool amusement park. You only have to provide the money to buy food and drinks alone.
Taman Jatim Park
The area of a vehicle Jatim Park 1 Malang reach up to 11 acres, at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level, so you may need to bring a jacket for those who can not stand the cold because the air is cold enough. The price of admission itself is also quite affordable, at its HTM Java Park 1 Rp. 55000.00 while Friday through Sunday and holidays Rp. 75,000.00. That price seems reasonable, because you can enjoy a variety of rides in it without having to pay again, more efficient when compared to you have to pay again to enjoy the rides there. After paying the ticket, you will get a bracelet, and the bracelet is exactly what will be used when you enter a vehicle that is selected.
Bracelet jatim park
Although it is most places in Jatim Park 1 Malang is free, but nonetheless there are several locations in the game where you have to pay again. But the place is not much, only a few, for example Karting, Trampoline, Games Room and Flying Fox. Surely management have their own reasons why they impose tariffs paid to enjoy the game. Of the many places rides in Jatim Park 1 Malang, there are some interesting games, such as a swimming pool, cinema gallery and 3D archipelago. A few articles about holiday Malang Jatim Park. 
East Java Vacation Packages

The location of Jatim Park 1 in Malang can be found in the following map.  [Source]


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