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Flower Garden loveliest In Indonesia, Malang Selecta

City of Batu is one area that is known for its variety of attractions, ranging from nature tourism, marine tourism, agro tourism to play tourist and many other families. One of the well-known object in the City of Rock is famous Selecta area will flower garden and bathing are already beridir since 1930. Selecta Recreation Park itself is located in Tulungrejo - Batu, East Java, which was founded by a Dutch citizen named Ruyter de Wildt. Formerly Recreation Selecta become tourist attractions and transit aimed at Dutch citizens when visiting the city of Malang. But now, Selecta Recreation Park has become a tourist attraction that is interesting and worth a try when in Batu and Malang. In this Selecta flower garden you will be presented with a variety of beautiful colors and beautiful with a cool atmosphere in the style of Batu. Because the flower garden views presented in this selecta amazing, is not one that many tourists who are fond of long sit back to enjoy the beauty of the flower …

Jatim Park 2 City of Batu ,Tour City Batu Malang

Jatim Park 2 stands on an area of 14 acres, more precisely located in the village of Oro-oro Onbo, Batu, Malang. Built adjacent to the Jatim Park 1 which store the collection as ethnic gallery which contains of various custom clothing archipelago, miniature temples, gardens study, a 3D cinema, swimming pool and a variety of other interesting games, Jatim Park 2 is also adjacent to the tourist area BNS night. In the area of Jatim Park 2 there is a zoo that is the name Batu Secret Zoo are certainly more interesting, more complete than the zoo in general and wildlife museum building resembles the State Palace. Jatim Park Museum is the largest and most comprehensive museum with a collection that stores and serves hundreds of dioramas and diparma is no less full with Insect Museum located in Singapore, white shark, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, tiger branch, White Lion, Tiger, Deer Africa, various Toucan beautiful reptiles to birds who often live in colonies. Collection of Wildlife Museum is …

Where to stay in Medan City: List of Hotels

As a tourist destination, there is a lot of Hotels in Medan City ranging from five-star to budget hotels. Here are hotels of your preference to stay :

JW Marriott Hotel Medan. Jalan Putri Hijau No. 10 Medan 20111, Sumatera Utara – Indonesia

Grand Swiss-Belhotel Medan
Jalan S. Parman 217, Medan 20152, Indonesia
Hotel Aryaduta Medan

Jalan Kapten Maulana Lubis 8 | Jalan Kapten Maulana Lubis 8, Medan 20112, Indonesia.
Grand Aston City Hall Hotel & Serviced Residences

Jalan Balai Kota No. 1, Medan 20112, Indonesia

Grand Serela Medan

Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 395, Medan 20119, Indonesia
Danau Toba International Hotel
Polonia International Airport, Medan.

Grand Angkasa International Hotel.

Jalan Sutomo No.1 , Medan

ASEAN International Hotel

Where to go in and around Medan City

North Sumatera is not only nature-based destination of tourism, it is also worth of visiting because of its cultural as well as historical heritage. The City of Medan should be the first spot to set foot, once you landed here, there are many tourist objects around to see :  The Great Mosque Medan.  The location of the Grand Mosque is in Jalan Masjid Raya. The mosque is adjacent to Kolam Raya Medan can be reached by vehicle buses, mini buses, taxis and rickshaws. The historical heritage of the Sultanate of Deli was built in 1905 and is one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia. State Museum of North Sumatra. It is located ij Jalan H.M. Jhoni (red market). This museum can be reached by vehicle buses, mini buses, taxis and rickshaws. The museum keeps prehistoric relics, numismatic, foreign ceramics, art, archeology, geology, ethnography, and others. Museum Perjuangan Bukit Barisan. Location : JL.H.JAINUL ARIFIN. This museum is a national monument in her there is a collection of wa…

Jatim Park 1 Vacation Packages East Java

Jatim Parkwhich stands forJawa TimurParkis atourist spotthat isslightlysimilar to theJaya AncolparkinJakarta, butJatim Parkas the name suggestsis locatedin theEast Javatownof Malangprecisely. The location itselfat20kilometersifyou departfromthe cityof Malang,evennow, this placehasreallygrownandbecomeone ofthe official tourismiconsownedbyEastJava. Totalvehiclethatexists todayis about36rides, anddid not rule outthe future willcontinue to grow.

Here you can enjoy the attractions that religion, in addition to air stone cold regions, will create its own distinct atmosphere for your holiday, be more fun. Various types of rides available both for educational and recreational relieve tired for the whole family. Some examples of existing vehicle in Jatim Park 1 Malang for example the drop zone, spinning coaster, a haunted house, swimming pool, home plumbing and still many other rides are no less exciting. In Jatim Park is also convenient, because you can simply pay only once and can enjoy a vari…

Never die before diving here: Spectacular dive spots in Indonesia!

Periplus Travel Guides (1992) recorded most of the world’s coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region center around the islands of Indonesia. No wander, underwater in Indonesia provides so many dive spots for scuba lovers to travel to Indonesia. Here are tourism destinations you should go to enjoy the beauty of the marine life.
Scuba travel nominates Bali among 10 best dive sites in the world. In Bali, no matter whether you are just beginners or experienced divers, a wide variety of dive sites are available suiting your level. Tulamben is the Bali’s most-visited site. What bring people to Tulamben is to dive the Liberty ship wreck. The World War II ship was hit by torpedoes from a Japanese submarine while crossing the Lombok street.
The wreck of the liberty ship lies parallel to the shore on the steep slope. Part of the super-structure is within snorkeling distance from the surface. The hulk is broken into large chunks, and there are lots of big holes in the hull, making it easy to ex…