Visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in East Jakarta.

if you Happen to be in Jakarta, a smart way to find out how diverse is the culture of Indonesia is by visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature Beautiful Indonesia Garden).

The Imax Theatre, Keong Emas.
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or commonly abbreviated to TMII is one of the tourist attractions are located in Jl. Raya Taman Mini, East Jakarta. Built on a land area of 150 hectares, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is one of the largest recreational park in Indonesia.

The first stop of the city tour in Jakarta is at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park". This enormous park has several museums, many of which are dedicated to the history and culture of the different ethnic groups in Indonesia.

Transportation in TMII.
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a culture-based park, featuring miniatures depicting the beauty and diversity of Indonesia in a small area in East Jakarta. Popularly known as Taman Mini, the content of this park is a replica of the 26 traditional house that is found throughout the Indonesian archipelago from Aceh to Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Papua. Miniatur- this miniature portrait of history, arts, crafts and traditions of each province.
Traditional House of Toraja, South Sulawesi.
Built for education and family recreation, Taman Mini has a large area for family recreation, a number of flora and fauna parks, museums, theaters, an Imax theater and accommodation facilities. to express more tolerance in Indonesia and peaceful coexistence among followers- religious adherents throughout the archipelago, in this park also established houses of worship is still actively used as: mosques, temples, monasteries, Catholic and Protestant churches.

Worship House for Chines Community.
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is the idea of Mrs. Tien Soeharto, the former first lady in Indonesia. Construction Taman Mini began in 1971 and was inaugurated on 20 April 1975.
Kids Palace.
For visitors who only have limited time to roam the Indonesian islands, Taman Mini is the best introduction to the cultural diversity of this country. Taman Mini is an ideal park for families to be more familiar with regional cultures.

Opening Hours of TMII
Entrance Ticket Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), this time I will share information about the complete list price of admission main gate TMII and rides in it :

Main Gate Kala Makara (TMII)
  • Individuals (aged 3 years and older): Rp. 10,000
  • Cars: Rp. 10,000
  • Bus / Truck: Rp. 30,000
  • Motor: Rp. 6,000
  • Bicycles: Rp. 1,000
Children palace Indonesia (TMII)
  • Entrance: Rp. 10,000
  • Railway Rabbits: Rp. 10,000
  • Bathing Ball: Rp. 5,000
  • Swimming Pool: Rp. 15,000
  • Bumper Car: Rp. 10,000
  • Airplane: Rp. 5,000
  • Monorail: Rp. 10,000
  • Comedy Play: Rp. 5,000
  • Wheels Sightseeing: Rp. 5,000
  • Kiddy Boat: Rp. 5,000
  • Baterry Car: Rp. 5,000
  • Sleigh Waves: Rp. 10,000
Swan Boat Arsipel Indonesia (TMII)
  • Boats: Rp. 7,500
  • Bicycle Water: Rp. 10,000
SnowBay Water Park (TMII)
  • Monday s / d Thursday: Rp. 120,000
  • Friday s / d Sunday, Public Holidays: Rp. 150,000
Giant balloons (TMII)
  • Monday s / d Thursday: Rp. 120,000
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: Rp. 150,000
IMAX Theater Keong Emas (TMII)
  • General / Ordinary: Rp. 30,000
  • VIP / Balcony: Rp. 50,000
Outbound (TMII)
  • Canal Price: Rp. 65,000
Green Skate Park (TMII)
  • Admission: Rp. 15,000
World Inline Skate (TMII)
  • Admission: Rp. 60,000
Rituals of Haji (TMII)
  • package individuals (minimal. 500 people): Rp. 65,000
Theatre 4 Dimensions (TMII)
  • Monday / Friday: Rp. 20,000
  • Saturday-Sunday, Public Holidays: Rp. 25,000
  • Transportation TMII
  • Roving car: Rp. 5,000
  • Train Mini: Rp. 10,000
  • Charter car around per hour: Rp. 100,000
  • Charter bus car being (micro bus) circumference per hour: Rp. 200,000
Grebes Samirono / Aeromovel (TMII)
  • Tickets (only Saturday and Sunday): Rp. 20,000
  • Funicular (Skylift): Rp. 30,000
  • Flower Garden Golden Snail: Rp. 10,000
  • World's Freshwater and Insects: Rp. 15,000
  • Bird Parks and Wildlife Bekisar: Rp. 20,000
  • Indonesia Museum: Rp. 15,000
Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum (TMII)
  • Adults: Rp. 7,000
  • Children: Rp. 5,000
  • Cars: Rp. 5,000
  • Motor: Rp. 2,500
  • Bus: Rp. 7,500
Museum (TMII)
  • Museum soldiering: Rp. 2,500
  • Stamp Museum Indonesia: Rp. 5,000
  • Heritage Museum: Rp. 10,000
  • Museum of Transport: Rp. 2,000
  • Museum of Electricity and Energy: Rp. 5,000
  • Telecommunications Museum: Rp. 2,000
  • Museum Lighting: Free
  • Sports Museum: Rp. 2,000
  • Asmat Museum: Rp. 10,000
  • Museum Park and Garden Reptiles: Rp. 15,000
  • Science and Technology Demonstration Center: Rp. 16,500
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