Puppets Going Extinct in Indonesia?

puppet culture of Indonesia
Wayang, or Puppets,  one of the traditional media, are still popular in Indonesia as entertainment and conveys moral messages to the audience. Puppet has been recognized by UNESCO in 2003 as a masterpiece of world heritage of inestimable value in the art speak.
wayang culture of Indonesia
Puppets with most rapid development is in Java and Bali, but areas like the island of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula also know Puppet as the performing arts. So in Indonesia, many puppet versions have evolved. Among them are Purwo shadow puppets, puppet show Sundanese, puppet, puppet Betawi, Bali Puppet, Puppet Banjar, torch Puppet, Puppet Palembang, Krucil Puppet, Puppet Tengul, Timplong Puppet, Puppet Mouse Deer, Grass Puppet, Puppet smacking, Jemblung Puppet, Puppet Sasak (Lombok), Wayang Beber.
National Geographic Indonesia (August 21, 2013) reported that there are about 100 puppets in Indonesia. About 75 types of puppets which became rich culture of Indonesia now extinct. Only about 25 types of puppets which still survive the number of communities and the audience quite a lot.

Several types of puppets As suket puppet, puppet klitik, Krucil puppets, puppet gedog, and wayang beber extinct and can no longer watch community. Puppet which still survive to this day is the Puppet Purwo, Marionette Puppet Sundanese, Balinese Puppet and Banjar. The puppets are almost extinct among others puppet torch, Krucil puppets, puppets and puppet Tengul.

wayang budayaan Indonesia
Tempo online (October 13.2014) reported that Krucil Puppet and Puppet in Bojonegoro, East Java, are endangered. Krucil puppets and puppet thengul known in a number of districts in the former residency Bojonegoro. As in Tuban, Ngawi, Jombang, Lamongan, Nganjuk, Mojokerto, to the cities of Madison and surrounding areas. Puppet is also spread in Blora, Central Java and surrounding areas.
wayang budayaan dari Indonesia

The puppets are still popular with the public so it is still quite exist among other Javanese shadow puppet prototype with a variety of styles, both Surakarta, Yogyakarta, East Javanese, Banyumas, Cirebon, and Betawi. Similarly, the puppet show Sundanese, Balinese puppets and puppet sasak Lombok, there are still many fans


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