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Jayawijaya Peak, The Only Snowy Spot in Indonesia

Attractions at Jayawijaya Peak Papua - Jayawijaya Mountains is one of Indonesia's natural tourist attractions worth of a visit.This is because the wonders that exist in the mountainous Jayawijaya itself. Jaya Wijaya is a series of mountain chains that line and stretch extending from the province of West Papua "Indonesian Papua" to Papua fractional "NewGuinea" Prior to the unification of West Papua with our country "Indonesia", mountains Jayawijaya is better known by the term or the name of the Orange Mountains. Among the rows of this mountain has a height of up to 4,800 meters above sea level point, the highest peak of the mountain Jayawijaya in Indonesia formed by the removal of the sea floor thousands of years old. In the mountains you can also find fossilized sea shells, as can be seen limestone. What's interesting is the wijaya glorious mountains of snow that was on top of the mountain. How not, as the State has a tropical climate, the snow …

Karapan Sapi in Madura Island, East Java

KarapanSapiis a termto describecow racefrom the islandof Madura, EastJava. Inthisrace, a pair ofcowtraindragging asortofwooden crafton which a jockeystandingandcontrollingthecows driven ata speed raceagainst another coupleofcows. Theracetrackis usuallyabout 100meterslongandthe racecan take abouttensecondstooneminute. Usually,cattlerace is held annuallyin AugustandSeptember with the final roundat theend of Septemberor Octoberin the formerCity ofresidency, Pamekasanto compete forthe President trophy. Bull Raceis not just aracingcontestandannualfolkfestival. ForMadurese,bull race isheldto celebrate the harvestof riceortobaccoto showgratitude for theblessingsgivenby the God Al-mighty. In addition,Bull Racebecomes a symbolof prestige and the dignity ofthe Madura communitybecauseof having ahigh-quality cowwhichgetsspecial treatmentbefore theevent . The Beginning ofbull racing in Madura was due to the less fertile soilforagricultural land, insteadMaduresedivertedhis livelihoodasfishermenin coa…

Puppets Going Extinct in Indonesia?

Wayang, or Puppets,  one of the traditional media, are still popular in Indonesia as entertainment and conveys moral messages to the audience. Puppet has been recognized by UNESCO in 2003 as a masterpiece of world heritage of inestimable value in the art speak. Puppets with most rapid development is in Java and Bali, but areas like the island of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula also know Puppet as the performing arts. So in Indonesia, many puppet versions have evolved. Among them are Purwo shadow puppets, puppet show Sundanese, puppet, puppet Betawi, Bali Puppet, Puppet Banjar, torch Puppet, Puppet Palembang, Krucil Puppet, Puppet Tengul, Timplong Puppet, Puppet Mouse Deer, Grass Puppet, Puppet smacking, Jemblung Puppet, Puppet Sasak (Lombok), Wayang Beber. National Geographic Indonesia (August 21, 2013) reported that there are about 100 puppets in Indonesia. About 75 types of puppets which became rich culture of Indonesia now extinct. Only about 25 types of puppets which still survive…

Selong Belanak Beach in Lombok West Nusa Tenggara

Selong Belanak beach is one of the well-known beaches, especially the beauty and d beauty and cleanliness of the beach area. This beach has a coastline that is curved like a crescent moon. With some hills at the end of the crescent. As part of the Gulf Selong Belanak, this beach has an edge with a length of about 1 kilometer and dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. Approximately a quarter of the coast, namely the South side, used the population as a residential area. About 40 families of fishermen who live in the area. Of course, this area is less suitable for water activities, as many fishing boats are also active.

If you want to do a variety of water activities, you can stroll to the North side Selong Belanak Beach. This area is free of activity locals. In addition to the fine sand beaches of white, sandy beaches yet gentle contours. So it is quite calm and clear waters.
With such beach conditions, you can perform various activities in this coastal area. As just relax, take a wa…

Sekotong Beach in Lombok West Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia has many beautiful white sandy islands and stunning underwater, one of which is the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Sekotong area is a very nice area for those of you who love the beauty of the underwater because this place has a coral reef that is seldom in touch and still natural, so do not be surprised if Sekotong beach has stunning underwater beauty with intact coral reefs and bottom dwellers sea. Here we are going to dive 2 to 3 times using traditional boat that used to take us to dive. Sekotong beach is one of the famous tourist attraction on the island of Lombok. This beach is located in West Lombok, precisely in the District Sekotong. If measured from the city of Mataram, Sekotong Beach is located approximately 60 kilometers. To go Sekotong Beach, can be reached by public transport minibus similar about 1.5-2 hours. Besides through Mataram, can also be achieved through the Port of Nusa Penida. With a rented boat, trip-Sekotong Nusa Penida…

Cultural Gathering in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country whose majority is consumptive society. Many activities and events that are likely not need to be done, but it is considered mandatory for some particular community. It is much less hit communities in activism and also people who think that humans are social beings who are supposed to have social contact between people who are one with the other communities. With the activities of this kind, shows that mass culture has hit the most majority of people in Indonesia.
Actually mass culture starts simultaneously with the beginning of the industry. With the cultural monopoly of soluble and eliminate cultural aristocracy, class, tradition and taste. It is derived from the spirit of universal moral and democratization of life that emphasizes public involvement, individual desires, imaginative experience and satisfaction. Mass culture is often seen as a mimic the behavior of a foreign culture or western, and america.
Basically mass society does not need culture, but the …

Traveling Bintan Island Beaches in the Riau Islands Province

Bintan Island is a place where people can find a fusion of two cultures, namely Singapore and Indonesia. Area Tourism Bintan Island has its own allure, with its natural beauty. Gleaming white sand, blue water and leafy trees will give a very beautiful blend of the island of Bintan. Bintan Island became one of the icons of tourism in Indonesia in 1991, because the previous government to focus more on developing the island of Batam as an industrial area.

Bintan Island is the closest island to the country of Singapore. Bintan is a place where people can find a fusion of two cultures, namely Singapore and Indonesia. Area Tourism Bintan Island has its own allure, with its natural beauty. Gleaming white sand, blue water and leafy trees will give a very beautiful blend of the island of Bintan.

Bintan Island became one of the icons of tourism in Indonesia in 1991, because the previous government to focus more on developing the island of Batam as an industrial area. Indonesian government to b…

Indonesian Culture that has been Recognized by UNESCO

Indonesia is rich in cultural heritage of high historical value. The nation's cultural heritage is a national identity that became the pride of the nation and we must continue to preserve. One of the nation's cultural heritage that is very distinctive and has received international recognition is batik. October 2, 2009, the United Nations specialized agency dealing with the problem of Education, Science of, and Culture, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) batik officially incorporated in the List Representative Heritage did not objects  human Cultural. Besides batik, there are many more of our cultural heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO. Noted, there are 13 Indonesian cultural heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO. Indonesia's cultural heritage is classified into three categories namely natural heritage, nature reserves or sites, and the work did not object. Natural heritage, namely:
Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten, whi…

Visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in East Jakarta.

if you Happen to be in Jakarta, a smart way to find out how diverse is the culture of Indonesia is by visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature Beautiful Indonesia Garden).

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or commonly abbreviated to TMII is one of the tourist attractions are located in Jl. Raya Taman Mini, East Jakarta. Built on a land area of 150 hectares, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is one of the largest recreational park in Indonesia.

The first stop of the city tour in Jakarta is at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park". This enormous park has several museums, many of which are dedicated to the history and culture of the different ethnic groups in Indonesia.
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a culture-based park, featuring miniatures depicting the beauty and diversity of Indonesia in a small area in East Jakarta. Popularly known as Taman Mini, the content of this park is a replica of the 26 traditional house that is found throughout the …