The World's Best Surfers Paradise, South Nias

Exquisite natural scenery that can make you fall in love, especially for the surfers, tradition and history worth exploring there are all in this city. in Teluk Dalam, the combination of these joined together in a harmony of living in a city famous for its traditional stone jumping. In the Gulf city became the gateway for surfers come air-busy-busy at certain seasons to try out the beautiful and fierce waves roll in the waters of this city.
pulau nias
In a Teluk Dalam which is a paradise for surfers is the capital city of South Nias district, the city also serves as the sub-districts in South Nias, North Sumatra. If you look at a map it is easy to find the position of this city because it lies at the southern tip precision Nias Island, by District and Sub-District Amandraya Lahusa.
extreme surfing in nias island
According to the history of the Teluk Dalam name taken from the name of Teluk that is located in the southern part of the island of Nias. Next name was used as the name of the city. In grammar South Nias In the name of the Teluk is also known as Luchazi Wara-wara which means a meeting of all District residents Teluk Dalam or in the governance of the Java community known as the marquee.
nias surfing beauty
In the Teluk Dalam population is majority Christian and the rest are Muslims. The majority of their livelihood is Farmer with rice, coconut, rubber, cocoa and fruits as the main crop. Others work as fishermen, shrimp and crabs are the main catch every day and the rest are traders.
nias island paradise
In the Teluk Dalam is also known for beautiful beaches. Waves on the beaches are already widely known by surfers the world, call it Lagundri Beach and Sorake. The waves at this beach are both excellent surfers. The second wave rolls have ketinggian perfect beach.
Challenging Waves Beach Lagundri in Nias Island
In the Teluk Dalam there Megalithic relics which are also located in the village of Orahili, District Gomo. The large stones in the hills near the river Gomo. According to the history of the hills and the megalithic stones, a village from the Stone Age Youth (Neolithicum) around 1000 to 1500 M.
Pantai Lagundri Waterfall
Among the international surfers, Nias Island has waves were so fantastic, perfectly curled waves with wave heights reaching 2-15 feet, coral island also has many, but not to interfere with activities of surfing. The most famous surfing spots on the island is Sorake and Lagundri.
 international surfers, Nias Island


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