A Piece of Paradise behind The Forest of National Park Alas Purwo in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

Plengkung beach located in the southern part of the National Park Alas Purwo (TNAP), 87 kilometers from the center of Banyuwangi. Earned the nickname "G-Land" and touted as the giant wave of sevent wonder by surfers because the waves are challenging.
Objek Wisata Pantai Plengkung
G-Land word itself has multiple meanings. Among them,it refer to the letter G as Grajagan, the name of a bay in Banyuwangi. There is also a call as green, because of its location at the edge of the virgin forest. Or great, because it has the world's longest waves that can reach 2 kilometers from east to west in the formation of seven tide tiered. Second best after Hawaii, which reaches 5-6 meters high waves in the intervals of five minutes.
plengkung beach banyuwangi
When trace its history, Mike Boyum, a facilitator from Hawaii, United States, known as the figure who popularized Plengkung Beach. In 1972, in a documentary  titled Sea of Darkness, the aging surfers told the center along with several colleagues to Australia by boat Independent Trade. In the middle of the trip, Mike decided to stop at Plengkung.
G-Land word
Shocked by the look of good waves, Boyum with his co-surfers then choose to stay. He also builds the first camp in that location, which is called Joyo's Camp. Over time, the more they talked about Plengkung. Until one day, a surfing contest was held for the first time in Plengkung by renowned surf brands, Quicksilver. Afterwards, various international events have been held.
Beach Plengkung challenging
To go to the beach Plengkung takes extra effort, considering its location behind Alas Purwo National Park. Two choices of paths, land or sea, could be considered. If you choose the path of the sea and happened to be in Bali, cross the first to take boat usually hung around the South Kuta beach.  You will find travel agents which sell travel packages G-Land. The package is provided for visitors who will stay at the beach Plengkung for three days or nine days at a cost that varies. And, of course, the market is the tourists in Bali who are getting bored with the crowds in Bali. From Kuta Beach to Plengkung, it takes approximately 2.5 hours. Crossing the Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean. Imagine how exotic across the sea by boat, certainly, it is a challenge. When your boat 
G-land-plengkung beach in Banyuwangi
approached the beach Plengkung, your eyes will be treated to a panoramic view of the green beauty of the National Park Alas Purwo. Sensation of your trip does not stop there. When set your foot, you will feel the uniqueness of white sand that feels moving when stepped on.
Meanwhile, if you want to try out the road trip, the sensation is not less interesting and challenging the first. You are required to enter the forest national park. Splitting the forest area, which is also known as a spiritual tourist destination, also has its own sensation. Number of points used to solitude and penance for the mystics-traditional public confidence bias Java- easily found. Suggestions from some people, do not do travel at night. In addition to maintaining security in the middle of the forest area of 43,420 hectares, a variety of mythical stories that appear to be hair-raising goose bumps.
G-land-plengkung beach
The travel time from Banyuwangi to Plengkung beach location an average of three hours, depending on the proficiency of the driver and the type of vehicle used. If the vehicle is not the type of 4WD or trail, the bias is more than three hours. Meanwhile, if you want to leave the vehicle in the post, you bias proceed with renting vehicles that are already available in the form of car types 4WD jeep or other types such as Trooper with a tariff of Rp 200,000 per person, from the location of the Pancur post towards Plengkung beach which is about 10 kilometers by road steep, rocky, and the winding.
 surf camp selamat datang plengkung
Dusk, sunset becomes a favorite sights. Visitors were treated to a panoramic sea directly off the Indian Ocean. The most appropriate location to see the sunset can be done around the field adjacent to the inn Hellypad Joyo's Camp. Palm trees and bamboo trees and sapodilla  adds a distinct impression. Combined with the waves of one of the well-known points, and became a surfer's surge as Speedies that has waves almost never stop day and night.
G-land-pantai plengkung
Plengkung beach has its own character favored by surfers. At least, there are seven points of origin usually wave surfers ride. Of course, every point has a different character. Spies, for example. One of the most popular. Has the tide reaches 5-6 meters form the barrel flat. Surfers had to stoop in order to bias through it. "If it's in the arch barrel waves or her, there is a sense of satisfaction," said Budi Daroni, 22 years old, a surf guide, which usually hung in one of the surf camp. There is also called Kongs. The nature of big waves, with a height of 4.5 meters. As for surfing that is not too serious, you are biased to try ledge, launch pad, fun palm, chicken, and money trees. We tested from one point to another, you will feel the waves along 2.5 kilometers.
plengkung beach waves
But do not worry, there are surfing guides if it has not been tested waves at this beach. "The length of all the waves. Very perfect, in my opinion. Usually I of points to get into speedy Kongs can surf up to 2.5 kilometers. Can you imagine how satisfied, said Willy Souw, a surfer from Jakarta photographer, who has been living in a camp for the past five years. Other surfers photographer, Harry Pieter, calling the greatest waves and good usually comes from 15th May to the end of October. "In addition to October, usually, the surfers headed to Hawaii leaving G-Land," he said members tips on when the best time to visit the beach Plengkung.
G-Land, Plengkung beach Banyuwangi
Gemala Hanafi, presenter and female surfers, high call Plengkung beach waves can reach three times the height of an adult. In addition to high, the typical shape of the curve Plengkung beach waves like a tunnel makes it even more attractive. "G-Land was good, because of its the pipe shape. it's called a barrel, "he said. He claimed location because relatively quiet and introverted. "Surfing like a double-edged knife. If the place is closed and inaccessible, it's guaranteed good, "he said. Gema gave a score of 10 for Plengkung Beach.
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