Festivities Erau Festival Kutai and Followed by 8 States

Erau Festival is held every year, usually in the middle of the year, between July-August, and generally lasts for one week in Tenggarong, Kutai regency, East Kalimantan. The festival was originally a traditional ceremony in Kutai Sultanate berusia and already more than 100 years. In the past Erau tidak event was held regarding the sons and daughters of the king's land.
Erau festival folk festival kuta
There are different with the implementation of Indigenous Festival Erau in Kutai, East Kalimantan. This year, the organizers also invited eight countries members of Folklore to enliven the folk festival.
BARRY KUSUMA Festival Erau indonesian
The opening of the festival titled Indigenous Erau pelas Continent and the International Folklore and Art Festival was centered in Demat Tenggarong Rondong Stadium. Representatives from seven countries were present, namely Taiwan, France, Thailand, Belgium, Egypt, Czech Republic, and South Korea. Greece could not attend because it is still on the way.
Erau Festival followed by 8 countries
Each representative of the seven countries that appear on stage showing their art. That gets attention is contingent Egypt and Taiwan. According to Sri Wahyu they will be in Tenggarong until the festival ends. Every night, alternately respective countries attended the custom event pelas Continent in Kutai Sultan Sultan Salahuddin attended.
Festival Budaya Erau
Festival Erau Sultan Kutai originally created to provide entertainment to the people after the harvest. Along with the development, Erau still be preserved by the government as a form of promotion of the region, especially as a tourist attraction. Erau pelas Year Festival, held every July it successfully attracted the attention of the public.
Cultural festivals and folk festival Kutai
Thousands of people flocked Kutai packed the stadium. Not only treated Kutai traditional dances, and dances Jepen Dayak of East Kalimantan coast, visitors can also buy souvenirs at the expo local products prepared by the committee.
jepen dance festival Erau
Currently Erau Festival is a festival organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism Kutai Kartanegara to preserve the tradition and culture of Kutai.


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