Lindu Lake Festival Ready Presents World Class Musicians

In line with the vision to develop environmentally sustainable lake festival and national level, as well as understand that the earthquake lakes region which is also part of the conservation area Lore Lindu National Park that event concepts used in the implementation of earthquake lake festival is the concept of cultural festivals and environmentally sustainable tourism and conservation.
Festival Danau Lindu
This concept brings the idea that departs from the local wisdom and tradition with conservation, preservation of natural and creative and innovative environments.
The concept of environmental events like this also invites artists to create works that are based on studies and research, exploration and the ability to interact and sharpness analysis of the environment around him, especially on local knowledge and cultural heritage owned.
kearifan festival  DANAU LINDU
Implementation of the Lake Festival Lindu II in 2010 were quite successful with the presence of more than 400 people Ambassador Arts Culture and Tourism of the 15 Districts in the region Sigi. The presence of journalists of print and electronic media locally, nationally and internationally, among others: Metro TV, Trans TV, RCTI, Dutch Welle Radio and BBC London making this event published nationally and internationally.
The road to Lake earthquake extreme and can only be reached by means of two-wheeled transport vehicle did not discourage visitors to the festival which reached an average of 3500 people per day.

Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation

From the results of the study and other studies reveal some aspects of the Festival of Lake Lindu most in demand by the visitors of this event is:

  • Atmospheric natural earthquake region and natural as well as the relatively close distance of the city of Palu is ± 62 km from the city of Palu to the village Santa ago followed by a two-wheeled vehicle as far as ± 14 km towards Lake Lindu.
  •  The atmosphere is still beautiful landscape of the air is cool and fresh and natural conditions that provoke interest for adventure.
  • Performing local culture and traditions unique and imaginative and full of moral values.
  • Food tradition and enjoyment of Lake Lindu tilapia fish fresh.

In line with the vision and mission of this event, the thematic is then translated into a number of programs and activities that are visible on the material highlights the following events;
  • Indigenous and Traditional Artists of the 15 Districts in the District. Sigi.
  • Artists and Art Community of districts and other provinces on the island of Sulawesi.
  • The food is unique and delicious tradition presented by the stalls around the venue.
  • Travel to enjoy views of Lake Lindu, Ball Island and National Park by boat and boat lake tradition.
  • Performing and varied performances, appreciative and imaginative are summarized in the Main Program Lake Lindu III Festival 2011, which lasted for three (3) consecutive days. 
festival danau lindu
In the implementation of the Lake Lindu III Festival 2011, symbolically will begin an international campaign Lindu For World Heritage which aims to encourage the earthquake a world heritage area.
Putri danau lindu
Tourism Lake Lindu daughter will be one important part of this international campaign, so Princess Travel Lindu lake is required to have the capability and capacity for it. Realizing this, the finalists Electoral Princess Travel Lindu lake besides the ability as a tourism ambassador but also will dibekalkan knowledge of the environment and conservation as well as a greater understanding of the culture and traditions that exist in Sigi specifically and in Central Sulawesi in general.


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