The Ten Most Spoken Local Languages in Indonesia.

Local languages in Indonesia are vanishing. Republika Online reported that there exist 726 local languages in Indonesia. The research on local languages conducted three to four years ago by Indonesian and their fellow researches from foreign countries resulted in different accounts on the numbers, however, the recent data recorded around 726 languages.

Out of those, 426 languages successfully mapped, the rests are thought to have no longer found most probably due to dwindling native speakers. Here are 10 regional languages which have the largest number of speakers in Indonesia.
The Map of Ethnic in Indonesia

Javanese language (84.300.000 inhabitants)
Java language spoken by the people of Indonesia, especially in Java, central and eastern parts. However, on the other islands there are also speakers of the Java language. Even abroad was also a Java language speakers, among them the state Suriname, New Caledonia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Java language has several levels, such as Ngoko, Associate, and Krama. According to the census data of 2000, speakers of Java in Indonesia is as much as 84 million more.

Java language has several dialects, including dialect Banten, Banyumas, Blora, Bradford, Brits, Cirebon, Kedu, Madiun, Malang, East Pantura (Jepara, Apex, Demak, Kudus, Pati), the northern coast of East Java (Tuban, Bojonegoro) Pekalongan, Semarang, Serang, Surabaya, Surakarta, Suriname, and Tegal.

Languages Map Java-Bali in indonesia
Languages Map in Java - Bali

Sundanese language (34.000.000 inhabitants)
Sundanese language spoken by the people of Indonesia, especially in the western part of Java island. This language is not only spoken in the western part of Java, but is also spoken in various islands in Indonesia by the Sudanese people who migrated to the area. Sudanese language is also spoken abroad, especially in areas where migration into Sudanese people. According to the data 2000 census  Sudanese language is spoken by 34 million people.

Sundanese language has several dialects, including western dialect (South Banten), northern dialect (Bogor, and surrounding areas), the southern dialect / dialect Priangan (Bandung and surrounding areas, middle eastern dialect (Majalengka and vicinity), dialect northeast (Kuningan and vicinity) , dialect southeast (Ciamis and vicinity).

Madura Language (13.600.000 inhabitants)
Madurese language spoken by the people of Indonesia, especially on the island of Madura and the north coast of East Java (Probolinggo and vicinity). Madura is also widely spoken language in Surabaya and surrounding areas, Malang and surrounding areas, islands Masalembo, to Kalimantan. Madurese language heavily influenced by Javanese, Malay, Bugis, Chinese, and so on. Many of the words of this language are rooted in the Malay language, even to the Minangkabau language. But of course with a different pronunciation. Discuss Madura has a unique pronunciation, so that people outside of Madura will find it difficult to learn. According to the 2000 census data, Madurese language speakers around 13 million inhabitants.

Madurese language has several dialects, including dialect Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, Sumenep, and Kangean. Other dialects are rural dialect that has been mixed with the dialects of other languages.

Minangkabau Language (5.530.000 inhabitants)
Minangkabau language spoken by the people in the province of West Sumatra, Riau western, and Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is also found in various regions, as many Minangkabau people who migrated out of the region. According to the 2007 census, the Minangkabau language spoken by at least 5 million people.

Minangkabau language has many dialects, including Minangkabau language Baku  (dialect Padang), Mandahiling Kuti Anyie, Padang Panjang, Pariaman, Ludai, Batang, Kurai, Kuranji, Salimpaung Batusanggkar, and Rao-Rao Batusanggkar.
Etnis dan bahasa Sumatera in indonesia
Languages and Ethnic in Sumatera Island

Musi Language (3.930.000 inhabitants)
Musi language is a language spoken by the people of the upstream and downstream along the Musi river, South Sumatra Province. Language Musi also known as Sekayu language and the language of Palembang. These speakers according to the 2000 census was 3.9 million.Musi language has several dialects, of which dialect Centella asiatica, Musi Sekayu, Penukal, Kelingi, Rawas; Palembang, Palembang Lama, Meranjat, Penes, Belide, Burai, and Lematang Ilir.

Bugis Language(3,500,000 inhabitants)
Bugis language is a language spoken by people in South Sulawesi. In addition, this language is also spoken in other areas in between provinces in Sulawesi besides South Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Maluku, Papua, Sumatra, and also in Sabah, Malaysia. According to the 1991 census of this language is spoken by approximately 3.5 million people.
Bugis language has several dialects, of which dialect Bone, Pangkep, Camba, Sidrap, Pasangkayu, Sinjai, Soppeng, Wajo, Barru, Sawitto, and Luwu.
Etnis dan bahasa Sulawesi in indonesia
Languages and Ethnic in Sulawesi Island

Banjar Language (3,500,000 inhabitants)
Banjar Language is a language spoken by Banjarese in South Kalimantan. This language is also spoken in other regions such as Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, and Indragiri Hilir, Riau. Abroad, language is also spoken by ethnic Banjar Banjar in Malaysia. This language is heavily influenced by Malay, Javanese, and Dayak. According to the 2000 population census speakers numbered 3.5 million.

This language has two main dialects, namely Kuala dialect and Hulu. Kuala Banjar dialect spoken by the inhabitants of Banjarmasin, Martapura, and Pelaihari. While the upstream dialect spoken by the population in upstream areas.
Etnis dan bahasa Kalimantan in indonesia
Languages and Ethnic in Kalimantan Island

Aceh Language  (3,500,000 inhabitants)
Acehnese Language is a language that is spoken by tribes located on the coast of Aceh, mostly inland, and some islands of Aceh. This language is spoken in the province of Aceh except three districts in East Aceh Gayo language, and 1 sub-district in Aceh Barat Daya Kluet language. According to the 2000 census speakers numbered 3.5 million.Acehnese Language has several dialects, of which dialect Banda Aceh, Baruch, Bueng, Daja, Pase, Pidie (Pedir, Timu), and Tunong.

Bali Language (3.330.000 inhabitants)
Balinese Language is a language that is spoken by the Society on the island of Bali, Lombok western part, and a little east end of the island of Java. In Lombok, Bali language spoken mainly around the city of Mataram, while on the island of Java, spoken in some villages in the district of Banyuwangi. As Javanese, Balinese language there are also several levels, such as Bali Rough, Bali Associate, and Bali Alus. Balinese Language related to the Sasak language, and some language on the island of Sumbawa. Similarities with the Java language just because the influence of the vocabulary on the Java language for the conquest of Bali by the kingdom in Java, especially the 14th century by Gajah Mada. In phonology, language Malay Bali more similar than the Java language. Similarities with the Java language only at the level of language that Bali Alus language very similar to the Java language Krama. According to the 2000 census Balinese language is spoken by 3.3 million people.

Balinese have a wide variety of dialects, of which dialect Lowlands Bali (Klungkung, Karangasem, Buleleng, Gianyar, Tabanan, Jembrana, Badung), Highlands Bali ("Bali Aga"), and Nusa Penida.

Betawi Language (2,700,000 inhabitants)

The word of Betawi comes from Batavia.Betawi is a language spoken by the Betawi in Jakarta. This language is a child of the Malay language. Betawi is a creole language (mixing) which is based on Malay Market plus elements of Sundanese, Javanese, Balinese, China Southern (mainly Hokkien), Arab, and European (mainly Dutch and Portuguese). There is no standard in this language structure that distinguishes the Malay language as the language evolved naturally. According to the 1993 census, the Betawi language speakers are 2.7 million inhabitants.


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