Typical Indonesian Traditional Drinks are Delicious and Specialties

Indonesia has a wide range of food types, as well as the drink is so tasty and special. The following Indonesian traditional drink :

1. Cendol

Cendol is an Indonesian special drink made ​​from rice flour, served with grated ice and liquid brown sugar and coconut milk. The taste is sweet and savory drinks. In the area of ​​Sunda drink is known as cendol whereas in Central Java, known as ice dawet. Developing a popular belief in Indonesian society that the term "cendol" may very well have come from the word "swollen", which is found in Sundanese, Javanese and Indonesian; this refers to the sensation that is felt when a grain jendolan cendol through the middle of the mouth when drinking iced cendol.
cendol ice
2. Beer Pletok

Beer pletok, we may never hear or often hear the term Bir pletok. Beer pletok is one typical drink of ethnic Betawi. Pletok Beer is made from herbs grown plants that grow in this country. Drink Beer and Liquor is for Muslims was strictly forbidden. This is contrast to the many pletok Beer in the township Betawi. Obviously this does not contain a clear beer is actually refreshing alkohol.

Bir Pletok and keep warm. Besides it can be used as a thirst-quenching when the rock plus ice, beer pletok why a named Beer, beer pletok Once emerged from the Betawi people gedongan that many Dutch people hanging out together. They often look at the ways and habits of the Dutch people who drink beer, Beer pletok main ingredient is ginger plus cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon, wooden cup for red color, and sugar. To generate steady pletok Beer in perlukah Elephant Ginger is old. If you want more HOT feels in use Red Ginger is  spicy more tasteless.
Bir Pletok

3. Bajigur

Bajigur is typical warm beverage of the Sundanese people of West Java, Indonesia. Its main ingredient is palm sugar, and coconut milk. To add to the enjoyment mixed too little ginger, salt and vanilla powder. 

Drinks are served hot are usually sold using a cart that includes a stove. Bajigur most suitable drink when the weather is cold and wet from the rain. The food is often served with boiled bananas bajigur, boiled potatoes, or boiled peanuts.
4. Sekoteng

Sekoteng is a native of Central Java beverage taste of ginger is usually served hot. Other materials are usually mixed into drinks sekoteng are green beans, peanuts, chinese girlfriend and pieces of bread. Sekoteng usually served in the evening. Sekoteng usually sold circumference using a cart to carry. One side to the pan along with the ginger water stove while the other side is a mixture of ingredients and prepare a place sekoteng.
5. Es Teler

Ice Teler is iced drinks containing pieces of avocado, young coconut, jackfruit cooked, and coconut milk diluted with a sweetener in the form of sweetened condensed milk and syrup. Ice can be used shaved ice or ice cubes Another variation contains grass jelly ice teler, fro, and girlfriend china, pieces of apple, papaya, sapodilla, melon, toast, and jelly, ice teler up to be difficult to distinguish from mixed ice.
History of Ice teler created Tukiman Darmo Wijono, merchant ice mixed with a cart in Central Jakarta Jalan Semarang in the 1980s. Tukiman ice mix is so tasty creations that young people who drink admitted easement as "drunk" as a result of taking drugs. Coconut ice mixed with avocado sold Tukiman in Jalan Semarang became known as the "Ice Teler."
es teler
6. limun sarsaparilla

You've lived in Yogyakarta in the era of the 1950s, would never drink lemonade Sarsaparilla. By some communities in Yogyakarta called saparilla lemonade. Lemonade is a type of carbonated beverage popular in the 1950s to the 1970s. Java Cola, lemonade sarsaparilla most connoisseurs agree say so. Type brownish purple drink is never ranks the favorite drink in Yogyakarta. 

At that time, the lemonade drink Sarsaparilla is a type of social elites who carry a certain prestige on consumers. Only people who have more pockets can afford to buy drinks that are considered modern, symbol of progress, and of course classy in his day. 

Lemonade Sarsaparilla has a distinctive taste on the tongue. His name is also carbonated drinks, of course, have kemranyas sensation on the tongue. Once dicecap, semriwing Like the aroma of mint is quite noticeably, bringing relief effect in the nasal cavity and chest cavity. The distinctive scent is reminiscent of a flash of drugs or herbal aroma. Sweetness is moderate, not less, nor too. Lemonade Sarsaparilla also make people burp and believed to cure colds.
limun sarsaparilla
7. Minuman Lahang

Land is a typical Indonesian drink made ​​from the juice, sweet and fresh taste is characteristic of this drink. Lahang obtained from tapping palm trees. Intercepted is male flowers. How to bug it was not in vain. Farmers will usually leave early to tap palm so that freshness is maintained. It is said that in certain circumstances the water from the palm tree is male relationship when the late tap will turn into vinegar or wine. And the trees of interest that will be tapped to be very good when it is 5 years old. Tapping the sap of the male flowers is not easy. Some time before tapping, the fibers are attached to the cob male flowers must be cleaned. Also midrib blocking cob.
air lahang
8. Es Oyen

For the main Sidoarjo East Java Surabaya and surrounding areas will certainly not familiar with this one drink, Ice Oyen. Ice is said Oyen from Bandung. This drink is actually a mixed ice.
In ice Oyen tempur several types of fruits of Avocados, jackfruit, mango and coconut bit, which was given the coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk is really appetizing. But apparently this is a secret. It's the material must also come directly from Bandung.

According to the story the seller he never tried to make my own "Oyen" her. But it has failed so he decided to buy the original tersebut Oyen from nature. Place ice Oyen recommended is at the intersection of Market Wonoayu, Sidoarjo, approximately 10 km from the town of Sidoarjo. Here premises Rp 2,500 buses we already enjoy ice semangkuk Oyen was really appetizing. Here sellers only serve purchases starting at 10:00 s / d 14:00. and for those of you who live in the area please drop in Jakarta Kemayoran area jl. Kepu there is a seller of ice Oyen already known from the first.
es oyen
9. Es Selendang Mayang

Many do not know  traditional snacks Betawi. It was the most palatable sweet sticky in the cold, slurp favors ! Although snacks this one is rare, but is still in demand by the culinary connoisseur. Virgin shawl, maybe some people are still unfamiliar with the name of the food on this one. These foods may arguably one of Betawi culinary heritage. This is because the existence that is very rarely found in Jakarta. 
According to the remaining sellers, ice scarf Virgin is obtained prescriptions handed down from their ancestors. Although prescription heritage, it is not difficult material used is sago palm. Cake batter is made bleak gelatin, usually red or green combined with white so interesting views. The colors are reminiscent of the colors of this beautiful shawl. Hence called the 'scarf Virgin'.
es selendang mayang
10. Es doger

The story about the Ice Doger also not much different. In the past, the name Ice Doger it only consists of one item, namely ice doger nya own (the color pink, scattered coconut shavings and diserok from inside the barrel). After that, start deh no add cassava. At this point I think it is normal (and this is going on for years). But after it began the "creativity" is. There iceman doger add to ice it with black sticky rice. Continue, there is a Chinese girlfriend a pink slip and do not forget, there is also what makes Ice Doger complete with alpukat.
Ice is very popular in the Betawi culture is widely used as a thirst-quenching beverage. Today, ice doger also often be one of the drinks menu for celebration events such as marriage party and so on.
es doger
11. Wedang Uwuh

The history of traditional Javanese drink indeed save stories. Many kinds of traditional beverage that was born from the creativity or try. Drinks or Javanese called the wedang, there are various types, such as ginger, wedang round, wedang cup, until called wedang Uwuh. 

Of the various types of wedang, wedang Uwuh be one kind of unique, when seen from its name. Wedang which in Javanese means drinks, while Uwuh itself means rubbish. But do not get me wrong, this is not just any Uwuh wedang drinks garbage, but garbage is meant here is the organic foliage, which certainly contains many properties.
wedang uwuh
12. Wedang Ronde

Wedang Ronde is a traditional drink from Java. Wedang itself means drinks. Wedang Ronde ginger is steeping water containing balls, called rounds. Usually served with beans that have been roasted, and fro, and a piece of bread in the drink.
wedang ronde
13. Sirup Kawista

Kawista (Limonia acidissima syn. Feronia Limonia) is a close relative of maja and still included in the rate-jeruk citrus (Rutaceae). Plants utilized this fruit is rarely found although now some areas began to develop. Kawista relatively resistant to adverse conditions (dry or saline soils) and disease resistance. It originates from southern India to the Southeast Asia and Java.
Sirup Kawista


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