Putroe festival Bungong Aceh

Selection of Princess Flower (Putroe Bungong) in order to preserve the culture and history of Aceh through modification and fashion creativity Aceh.
Tourism Ambassador Putroe Bungong Ace
This event is held to preserve the history and culture, because the concept Putroe Bungong not be separated from history. Each costume is used by contestants must have a history story. Later, each participant will give a little narrative about the costumes. 
Putroe Bungong
The event was attended by 26 participants to reach eight category winners, such as the overall winner and champion choices such as Best Photo Contest, Best Catwalk, Best Make-up, and others. In addition to preserving the culture and history, this event is also expected to attract people of Aceh or tourists to come to the tsunami museum as one of the flagship attraction of Banda Aceh.
Wisata Aceh Putroe Bungong
participation of the community to come to the tsunami museum, because based on the survey, many who have never gone to the tsunami museum. therefore we held a bazaar or festival that is held in the museum tsunami.
Wisata Aceh Putroe Bungong
This event there should be continued for subsequent years. Because this is one of the forms in addition to the campaign visit Aceh, became a means of proving that indeed Putroe-Putroe Aceh concerned with his heritage. They are a form of alerts to be reminded continue each year with Bungong Putroe program.
festival Banda Aceh


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