Cisadane Art and Culture Festival in Tangerang City

FESTIVAL CISADANE is Tangerang City Government program, as organized annual event Cisadane riverbank. Cisadane Festival featuring a procession of local peaks that reflect creativity originality, independence and local wisdom, is a picture of the dynamics of the city of Tangerang journey towards the manifestation of the unity of the Republic of Indonesia which we yearn.
Festival Cisadane
Cisadane is one of the major rivers in Java. River which was formerly named Cigede it tipped at Mount Salak and empties into the Java Sea. Cisadane across several areas in West Java and Banten. The existence of a river which has a total length of 126 kilometers is very important for the people living in the vicinity. In the city of Tangerang, Cisadane become an important part in one of its annual events Cisadane Festival.
Festival tangerang Indonesia
the potential of art and culture that spread throughout the territory of Indonesia is growing rapidly in Tangerang, this is at once the strength of the wealth of invaluable. Because of its existence, fellow citizens of the region to get to know each other, understand and appreciate each other, which resulted in the maintenance of tolerance, integrity, a sense of unity and oneness.
cisadane tangerang
besides activities boat races are also filled by a variety of activities such as art performances on stage in the form of traditional music and dance, and performing arts in the form of mime that showed the suffering of children on changes in the existing environment. Also held coaching clinic recycling bins at some point. The screenings of the river was also performed in one of the tents that had been transformed into a studio.
festival tangerang
Cisadane Festival philosophically and historically born from the event Pe'cun or Dragon Boat race. Pe'cun literally means rowing boat, which is motivated by a history of a country official Cho ciu Dynasty in China country named Khut Guan, officials are honest, loyal to the country and highly respected. In his leadership journey vilified by his political opponents and eventually exiled by the State. Khut exile Guan very sad to see the state was destroyed since the abandonment, until finally he decided to plunge into the river with a large stone binding ketubuh ago immersed himself into the river.
cisadane festival
In Tangerang Peh'cun race is already a tradition since decades ago with Cisadane as the venue for the ongoing and very lively, apart from on the Pe'cun is one form of cultural diversity in Indonesia, which has a value in the frame of heroism and spirit of unity and oneness Tangerang community in particular and Indonesia in general.
  • The diversity of traditional culture and contemporary art is a wealth of innovation but also the power to become the Human Asset.
  • In a culture where people of various ethnic communities can get to know, understand and appreciate each other.
  • Build tolerance, integrity, a sense of unity amongst Artists, Cultural Communities and the Government.
  • Be an alternative for the Annual Cultural Tour visit Tangerang and the surrounding communities, even Foreign Tourists
  • Rides, expression, appreciation, achievement once Recreation for the perpetrators of art and culture and society in general.

  • Preserve, develop and utilize the cultural arts in order to create a civilized society, advanced and dynamic, so as to strengthen a sense of unity and cohesion within the framework of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
  • Art develop ethical culture and aesthetics in order to build a new civilization, public morality for the benefit of Indonesia nation.
  • Bridging the skilled and talented artists to be developed according to its potential through art appreciation
  • Introducing melalui seni mom to be able to achieve a positive value in the community and the commercial world in promoting products in
  • State by BUMN, BUMD, Swasta atau UKM located in Tangerang


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