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The Splendor of Jember Fashion Carnaval Festival in Jember, East Java.

Jember Fashion Festival Carnaval . The fashion parade has provided positive image of the town of Jember as well as the show's host carnaval Festival the longest catwalk and one of the seven largest carnival in the world. With the theme of "Eye on Triumph", JFC showcase creative works full-color nation Sudarman road route passes (Central Park), Gajah Mada, to Sport Hall Jember.

Alternately, one by one 10 themes displayed in a costume parade participants with unique accessories and makeup supported JFC Marching Band. 10 fashion themes are: Royal Kingdom, Punk, India, Athens, Tsunami, Bali, Borneo, Roots, Animal Plant and Butterfly. Carnival is also lively music and slick choreography presented at the 10 march including marches in previous years (JFC JFC I to IX). Jember Fashion Festival Carnaval activities other than lifting a wealth of cultural and natural treasures of Indonesia also prove the creativity of the nation. Each design, fashion sponsors, even models and make-u…

Batur Lake Festival in Bali

Bali is one of the icons at once the motor of the economy and tourism in Indonesia whose existence is well known almost all over the world. Various names pinned by travelers to this island province, the valuable culture and customs that make Bali strong demand by domestic and foreign tourists. So far, the focus of the visit in South Bali beach area generally. Though Bali besides having beautiful beaches also have a very exotic mountainous areas. Even Bali also has a volcanic caldera that only exist in Kintamani are certainly very interesting and unique place to visit. In addition to Mount Batur caldera very broad, Kintamani Region also has many exotic attractions like the Regional Panelokan, Trunyan, hot tubs Toya Bungkah, Museum Geopark, and others. In addition to the charming natural beauty, topography in Kintamani is also very supportive for developing a wide range of tourist attractions such as climbing Mount Batur sports, camping, Canoeing (canoe), fun bike, down hill bike and ot…

Cisadane Art and Culture Festival in Tangerang City

FESTIVAL CISADANE is Tangerang City Government program, as organized annual event Cisadane riverbank. Cisadane Festival featuring a procession of local peaks that reflect creativity originality, independence and local wisdom, is a picture of the dynamics of the city of Tangerang journey towards the manifestation of the unity of the Republic of Indonesia which we yearn. Cisadane is one of the major rivers in Java. River which was formerly named Cigede it tipped at Mount Salak and empties into the Java Sea. Cisadane across several areas in West Java and Banten. The existence of a river which has a total length of 126 kilometers is very important for the people living in the vicinity. In the city of Tangerang, Cisadane become an important part in one of its annual events Cisadane Festival. the potential of art and culture that spread throughout the territory of Indonesia is growing rapidly in Tangerang, this is at once the strength of the wealth of invaluable. Because of its existence, …

Welcome to Raja Ampat Cultural Festival in Papua

Maritime Festival held in the capital of Raja Ampat Raja Ampat,  Waisai which is located on the island Waigeo. The main performers of the maritime festival focused on nautical tourism. One of which dives in Diving locations are in the top 10 most beautiful diving location in the World. Raja Ampat in West Papua province wants to retain its popularity as the best marine area in Indonesia by conducting regular maritime festival. And displays the wealth of nature, art and culture. Maritime Festival was held at the Capital Center Waisai, which is located 3 hour speedboat ride from the city of Sorong in Papua. What's interesting about this festival is, they invite the art and culture of other districts in Papua. In addition Wakatobi is also included as well as the Maritime Festival this. Some details of the festival ie Underwater Photo Competition, Competition Rowing Boat, underwater orientation, beach sports such as volleyball, etc., and local cultural attractions. Local cultural attr…

Come and Enjoy Bau Nyale Festival Lombok

cultural tradition is inseparable with myth or legend that accompanies the tradition. The ancestors inherited the tradition from generation to generation so that it becomes a ritual in a culture. It is the same as occurs in the Lombok Island also has an annual ritual that became a festival that has been overshadowed by the legend. Festival Bau Nyale become routine festival Lombok Island community in general and in particular the community of Central Lombok. The festival is held just 16 points South Central Lombok beach that extends as far as tens of kilometers from east to west as in Kaliantan Beach, Kuta Beach or Beach Selong Belanak. usually Seger Beach in Kuta Village, District Pujut Central Lombok is usually the location of this tahunan.Festival festival is a festival which is based on a legend. Nyale itself is derived from the name of a type of marine worm that used to live on the seabed or holes of the rocks. According to local stories Nyale is the incarnation of Princess Manda…

A Tanjung Puting National Park, Tropical Paradise in Kalimantan

When you enter the dense jungles of Borneo that is divided by rivers in Tanjung Puting National Park, there will be an experience that will not be forgotten by visitors. immediately became an adventurous nature to meet a variety of exotic tropical animals with the main actor is the orangutan. Tanjung Puting is so special because it is the capital of the region of its orangutans on Earth. This national park is located in the district of Kumai, District Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan. Lowland tropical rain forest in Kalimantan, which has a variety of flora and fauna make the park Tanjung Puting National as one of the tourist attractions
Tanjung Puting National Park (TNTP) which is managed by the Office of Tanjung Puting National Park in cooperation with the Government of Central Kalimantan awarded Citra Pesona Wisata (CIPTA) award as the winner in the category of management of natural attractions of environmentally friendly culture and tourism ministry. Competition Citra Pesona Wisat…

Putroe festival Bungong Aceh

Selection of Princess Flower (Putroe Bungong) in order to preserve the culture and history of Aceh through modification and fashion creativity Aceh.
This event is held to preserve the history and culture, because the concept Putroe Bungong not be separated from history. Each costume is used by contestants must have a history story. Later, each participant will give a little narrative about the costumes.  The event was attended by 26 participants to reach eight category winners, such as the overall winner and champion choices such as Best Photo Contest, Best Catwalk, Best Make-up, and others. In addition to preserving the culture and history, this event is also expected to attract people of Aceh or tourists to come to the tsunami museum as one of the flagship attraction of Banda Aceh. participation of the community to come to the tsunami museum, because based on the survey, many who have never gone to the tsunami museum. therefore we held a bazaar or festival that is held in the museu…

Underwater Bliss Park Derawan Island of Kalimantan

Derawan is an archipelago in the East Kalimantan province, consists of several islands including Derawan island, island kakaban, Maratua Charitable Island and several smaller islands. The naming of the islands is said to come from a family of Derawan (virgin), Charitable (male), Maratua (laws) and kakaban (brother). Wealth Derawan island ecosystems was ranked second in the world after the Raja Ampat, Papua. That's why Derawan also dubbed as the 2nd Raja Ampat.
Waters Derawan is the home of the giant turtle, would not be surprised if only from the pier we could see the turtles at the table back and forth in search of food. while the island has a coral garden kakaban shaped wall / walls are amazingly beautiful, not to mention the lake kakaban containing jellyfish that do not sting, in the lake we seemed to swim in the pool because of the large ones from the supple-bodied animals. and similar lakes in the lake kakaban there are only two in the world. There are several ways that you …

the Sea Garden of Bunaken Manado

Tourist attractions in Manado This charming, of course, need to visit the Bunaken marine park located in the Village Bunaken Bunaken subdistrict. Bunaken marine park located about 7 miles from the port of Manado and can be reached in 30 minutes by fast boat. The beauty of Bunaken marine park could no doubt for tourists who like diving, snorkeling and surfing. It is not complete without a visit to the city of Manado visited tourist sites on this one. In other words Bunaken marine park is an obligatory destination for tourists who visit the city of Manado. This island you can see the beauty of the underwater world that can please your eyes as well as refreshing your mind, various coral reefs of various shapes, and various types of marine life such as turtles fish, mandarin fish, seahorses, stingrays, and if you're lucky you can see the ancient king of ocean fish (the coelacanth) and many other marine life Siladen diverse islands in one place, especially in Manado other tourist attra…