Traditional Foods You Must Eat in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia not be complete without talking about food. Not only is called paradise because of its beautiful beaches-beautiful and admired by tourists, about Indonesian food is also one of the traditional food heaven. With refined it's spices Indonesia has a lot of spicy food menu that makes the tongue dance.
  1. Rendang

not wrong if rendang is touted as one of the most delicious food in Indonesia, even in the world. The cuisine is the main ingredient made ​​of ground beef can make your tongue feel the sway pleasures. Just imagine the delights beef rendang combined with the distinctive flavor with a sweet-spicy flavor is dominant. The cuisine is very delicious eaten with just a plate of white rice and a glass of fresh tea.
      2.   Sate

If you happen to visit the Indonesian restaurants abroad, it is almost certain that the Sate will come as excellent dishes in the menu. Sate actually have the concept of a simple recipe, the meat is cut into small pieces, seasoned, and then burned. That makes the typical delicacy appears satay sauce seasoning is used, usually consisting of soy sauce and crushed peanuts. Various types of satay menu, such as chicken satay, beef satay, and satay can be enjoyed in almost all corners of Indonesia.
      3.  Bakso

The food menu is fairly unique and may only be found in Indonesia. meatballs are Indonesian food that taste delicious can make you addicted and can spend more than two servings of a meal. Typically, meatballs made ​​of ground beef and shaped like a ball, served with noodles, dumplings, and a pinch of vegetables and fried onions. Want to try another variation of meatballs? You might try chicken meatballs and fish balls are no less delicious than beef meatballs.
      4.  Soto

Arguably, the soto is "typical Indonesian soup". The key concept, soup is a bowl of meat cut into small pieces, served in soup along with some vegetables. In Indonesia alone there are over a hundred types of soup delicacy no doubt. Call it Soto Madura, Soto Betawi, Soto Talbot, as well as soup-soup typical of other regions in Indonesia that serves its own delights. Typically, very delicious soup eaten with crackers and a glass of iced tea. 
     5.  Nasi Goreng

Indonesian fried rice dishes actually not a strange thing found in the international world, because the concept is almost the same as the "Fried Rice" which comes from China and is very famous. Only, Indonesian fried rice has its own characteristics that are not included in the "Fried Rice" other countries. The main thing is the use of soy sauce and assorted rice as chicken liver and shrimp crackers. Make no mistake if the international elite at a restaurant, the menu "Fried Rice" display there. 
Nasi Goreng

     6.  Pempek

Who is not familiar with the delicious cuisine Palembang. Pempek supposedly first made by a Chinese immigrant who worked as a trader in Palembang fish and tapioca flour. And indeed, the main recipe pempek made ​​from two main ingredients. Pempek become one of the most sought after dish in Indonesia because it can be eaten as a main meal or a light snack. Typically, pempek served with sweet and sour sauce that can add to your appetite.
pempek palembang

     7.  Gudeg

Uniqueness warm as a food dishes make this a favorite menu local and foreign tourists visiting Yogyakarta. Gudeg made ​​of young jackfruit stewed overnight, mixed with spices and coconut milk confidential. The end result, you can eat the young jackfruit brownish very gentle and sweet. Gudeg usually served with boiled eggs or chicken meat seasoned alike. As a complement, usually eaten with sambal krecek warm and served in baskets (a kind of basket of woven bamboo). Very tasty and exotic .

      8.  Rawon

East Javanese cuisine can also be regarded as one of Indonesian cuisine. For foreign tourists, Rawon may look like brownish-black soup in which there is a lot of beef are super soft. Rawon distinctive flavor makes this food has a unique flavor as well pamper your tongue with various flavors of sweet, sour, and salty; a sensation that makes you want to enjoy again and again.

      9.  Opor Ayam

Opor Ayam is synonymous with the celebration of Eid, the biggest religious festival in Indonesia. These foods are usually eaten with ketupat, rice cakes, and fried liver sauce. Have a unique flavor due to curry cooked with coconut milk and turmeric which gives a golden yellow color in curry sauce. Chicken cooked with curry spice also has its own taste sensation, feels more tasty and tender. The food is usually enjoyed with prawn crackers and a glass of hot tea.
opor ayam
     10.   Sop Konro

Do you like Indonesian cuisine, especially the culinary typical Makassar? If so, maybe you love cuisine or food dish typical makassar this one, which is very famous Sop Konro culinary particularly in Macassar. Sop Konro constitute a beef  soup which processed and cooked with various seasonings to seep into the layer upon layer of flesh that make this soup so delicious and savory so favored by many people.
This cuisine comes from the tradition of the Bugis, Makassar. Sop Konro blackish brown the beef stew with black comes from fruit which is colored like that. besides, konro soup was also served with a diamond that has been cut in pieces first.
era kuliner sop Konro
    11.   Nasi Tumpeng

The reason why the cone was chosen to be one of the culinary icon not because this dish is always present in the celebration of joy. Such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or another happy helatan always show the grain on this one. Not without reason, why the food to the shape of a cone is always present. Rice cone symbolizes a form of gratitude to God for the tapered shape at the top. A variety of side dishes such as fish, chicken, ointments, eggs, and not just serundeng placed. Each side dishes representing elements of nature that is a tradition handed down by ancestors.
nasi tumpeng
12.  Gado Gado

Who does not know hodgepodge with a delicious peanut sauce. Gado gado is a menu that is always liked and missed by everyone. to be rich sweet taste, salty, savory and fresh vegetables in a mixture of materials that accompany it, always make the audience miss.
gado gado era kuliner


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