National Park Way Kambas Lampung

Way Kambas National Park or many also called the Way Kambas Nature Reserve is one of the parks or nature reserves in Indonesia, which occupies an area of ​​1,300 km² in the form of the lowlands around the River Way Kambas Lampung on the east coast, which is also a park shelter or breeding Flora and fauna, are also a priority Elephant icon these attractions.
way kambas
Way Kambas National Park became the home and playground for elephants, as well as a breeding center. In the park, there are about 200 Sumatran elephant , that make this forest their home.
way kambas national park
Way Kambas National Park is suitable for Study Tour or Travel Activity for Family themed Flora and Fauna, get closer to our natural wealth of Indonesia we are proud and we are duly maintained.
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Privileged Park Way Kambas

At the Center for Elephant Conservation (PKG) You can see the attraction of elephants were incredible (playing soccer, dancing, shaking hands, respectful, draping flowers, tug of war, swimming and many other attractions) also show Football elephants held every weekend. . you can also browse the Right Way river, observing animals (ducks forest, herons, deer, migratory birds), meadows and mangrove forests which have been rare to encounter. In these places there is also a campsite Way Kambas National Park. 
way kambas lampung

Location and Access Park Way Kambas 

Location Way Kambas is located in the district of Way Jepara, Semarang Meringgai, Sukadana, Probolinggo, Surabaya Rumbia and white as - Central Lampung District - Lampung Province. 

Access is selected for one of the following: 
  • Bandar Lampung  Metro -->Way Jepara (112 Km). 
  • Branti --> Metro --> Way Jepara (100 Km). 
  • Bakauheni --> Length --> Sribawono --> Way Jepara (170 Km). 
  • Bakauheni --> Labuan Meringgai --> Way Kambas. 
  • Jakarta --> Labuan Meringgai (boat motor)> Way Jepara.
way kambas national park


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