In Bengkulu Struggle Monument of Thomas Parr

Located in the southeast and is 170 m from Fort Marlborough. This monument is a geographical keletakan 03o47'19,16 "LS and 102o15'04,1" BT. This monument to commemorate a monumental building Resident Thomas Parr who was killed the people of Bengkulu.
Monumen Thomas Parr.
This monument has a Corinthian-style columns. The entrance to the monument is located at the front and right side and the left. The shape of the entrance arch is perfect and has no doors. On one wall in the room in the monument there is an inscription, but at this point can no longer be read.
Monumen Thomas Parr.
The top of the monument has a dome-shaped roof. Based on the painting in the book Joseph C. Stadler Sotut Prints of East Asia in the India Office Library looks at the location of this monument are Government House and the House of EIC.
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The monument was built in memory of Thomas Parr, a British resident of Bengkulu stabbed to death and then beheaded by local residents in 1807 when he was resting in his house. Thomas Parr was allegedly killed by the Bugis people who work as members of security trading company British (East India Company).
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