Family Vacation Enjoying the Beauty of Senggigi Beach Lombok

Senggigi beach Lombok NTB very beautiful, Senggigi Beach is one of the beach resorts in West Nusa Tenggara. Senggigi beach is also the most famous beach in the area for its beauty Lombok.
Senggigi beach lombok
This beach is located in the northwest city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara with a distance of about 12 kilometers. To reach this beach, tourists can pass through the port on the island of Bali karang asam senggigi then headed by ferry to the distance of about 30 minutes.
Senggigi beach
Having arrived at Senggigi beach, the tourists will feel natural and comfortable atmosphere with winds breeze. Waves at the beach is quite large, so that the tourists who love surfing can use it to play surfing.
Senggigi beach 2014
In addition Senggigi beach is also famous for its underwater scenery is quite beautiful so this beach used by many tourists for diving and snorkeling. on the beach, tourists can enjoy the view of the blue sea dotted rock that was on the island of Bali and also a row of trees that stand tall along the coast and white sand stretching.
Senggigi beach,
On the beach, tourists are also often perform a variety of activities such as beach soccer, beach volleyball or just bask in the sun. From Senggigi beach, we can also visit the  Pura Batu Bolong that can be taken approximately 30 minutes from Senggigi beach, Pura Karang Bolong is a pura built on the reef.
Senggigi beach lombok


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