Enjoy the Beauty of Nature object Posong Temanggung

Nature attraction sites of Posong are located in the hamlet Posong, Tlahab Village, District Kledung, Waterford. if we are from Temanggung, after the bridge Sigandul (no writing) up again around 100 meters. in there there is road  entrance  into Posong on right  the road.
nature posong
The right time to enjoy the scenery Posong is during sunrise. Often there are the come midnight, make a tent, waiting for sunrise. but could not imagine the climb the extreme road  , at night do not have lights .
natural beauty posong
Right time to visit on this tour  posong is during the tobacco season, between the months of June to August. Because in the months that the landscape natural will be green all, everything is  filled with  a  tobacco tree.
Tree tobacco posong
Pusong fairly new tourist attractions in Temanggung, where Posong already becoming known in Temanggung and the surrounding communities. Even Posong not only known in the public eye Temanggung only, but people of Central Java as well as foreign.
posong touris


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