Beauty of Waterfall Way Lalaan - Tanggamus

Waterfall Way Lalaan is one of the attractions that characterize Tanggamus region, which is located at the foot of Mount Tanggamus, Lampung. The waterfall is located 2 km from the county seat. Tanggamus and 80 km from Bandar Lampung is located in Pekan Kampung Baru, East District of the Big City, Tanggamus, Lampung Province.
Waterfall Way Lalaan
Waterfall Way Lalaan This is a waterfall that has different levels of tiers extreme because there is around 200 meters, how cool the water that falls with such height.
air terjun
Waterfall Way Lalaan save a lot of beauty, not only the beauty of the waterfall which has ketinggi  ± 11 meters, but also the beauty looks of all the way to the waterfall. Waterfall Way Lalaan itself is one attraction that has maintained its presence since the Dutch colonial era around the year 1937, it proved to be furnished to the location of the waterfall staircase made ​​of cement.
Air terjun way lalaan
This waterfall is also a tiered waterfall with distance of one another  ± 200 M, coming from Jalan flow (which means river in Lampung language) Lalaan which empties into the Gulf of Watermelon. Not only the beauty of the waterfall can spoil you, but also supported by a wide range of facilities and adequate accommodation and unique culinary Tanggamus able to make your holiday more complete and colorful.
air terjun way lalaan


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