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Traditional Foods You Must Eat in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia not be complete without talking about food. Not only is called paradise because of its beautiful beaches-beautiful and admired by tourists, about Indonesian food is also one of the traditional food heaven. With refined it's spices Indonesia has a lot of spicy food menu that makes the tongue dance. Rendang
not wrong if rendang is touted as one of the most delicious food in Indonesia, even in the world. The cuisine is the main ingredient made ​​of ground beef can make your tongue feel the sway pleasures. Just imagine the delights beef rendang combined with the distinctive flavor with a sweet-spicy flavor is dominant. The cuisine is very delicious eaten with just a plate of white rice and a glass of fresh tea.       2.   Sate

If you happen to visit the Indonesian restaurants abroad, it is almost certain that the Sate will come as excellent dishes in the menu. Sate actually have the concept of a simple recipe, the meat is cut into small pieces, seasoned, and the…

National Park Way Kambas Lampung

Way Kambas National Park or many also called the Way Kambas Nature Reserve is one of the parks or nature reserves in Indonesia, which occupies an area of ​​1,300 km² in the form of the lowlands around the River Way Kambas Lampung on the east coast, which is also a park shelter or breeding Flora and fauna, are also a priority Elephant icon these attractions. Way Kambas National Park became the home and playground for elephants, as well as a breeding center. In the park, there are about 200 Sumatran elephant , that make this forest their home. Way Kambas National Park is suitable for Study Tour or Travel Activity for Family themed Flora and Fauna, get closer to our natural wealth of Indonesia we are proud and we are duly maintained.
Privileged Park Way Kambas
At the Center for Elephant Conservation (PKG) You can see the attraction of elephants were incredible (playing soccer, dancing, shaking hands, respectful, draping flowers, tug of war, swimming and many other attractions) also show …

Watching Dolphins in the Teluk Kiluan South Lampung

Teluk Kiluan is a bay that keeps potential of marine tourism. Kiluan Bay is located in District Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung. Position somewhat hidden because covered by Mount Tanggamus. Not far from this location there are white sand beaches and coral hills of life, a rare natural panorama . The walls of the temple-shaped reef lies at the mouth of the bay. The path of the dolphins were from cluster Cengklik towards the south until cuku Kementara. For certain circles, this bay has been known for a long time because the region can be found in the distribution of dolphins in large numbers and a fishing area with huge potential to be developed into a tourist fishing.  in this area can be found in captivity Hawksbill because this region is the spawning (spawning ground) are turtles, such as Hawksbill turtle. Actually Teluk Kiluan has become a favorite destination for foreign tourists since 1995 ago. At that time not many domestic tourists to know the region. Even Lampung people even to…

Come and Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan (TNBBS)

Bukit Barisan mountain range that is located in the west of the island of Sumatra. This mountain range extends from Aceh to Lampung province. The total length of the Bukit Barisan reached 1,700 miles from the northern tip to the southern tip of the island of Sumatra. Most types of Bukit Barisan mountains that form in the form of volcanoes.

In total there are 35 volcanoes are arranged in rows along the hillside. The biggest volcano is part of the Bukit Barisan is Toba is located in the middle of the lake with the same name as well. Volcano Toba volcano is not unusual, but a super volcano. The other super volcanoes are near the island of Sumatra is Krakatau volcano located in the province of Lampung. Bukit Barisan formed from tectonic activity of the underground. Just below the hill where there is a fault Barisan Sumatra where diakibatkan pressure causes the formation of several volcanoes in the Bukit Barisan. Fault that is the cause of earthquakes that have occurred so far on the isla…

Tanjung Setia Beach, A Paradise for Surfers in West Lampung

Located along the coast of west Lampung which remote and outside forest dense Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, lies a hidden paradise in the charming sea side. This beautiful place called Tanjung Setia Beach. Although not so well known but the waves on the Tanjung Setia Beach touted as one of the best waves in the world by surfers from all over the world. This beach is best visited during the months of June to August because the waves are very nice. In that month, the waves can be as high as 6-7 meters and with a length of 200 meters. Truly a gem for lovers of surfing. Due to big waves, the play here is a professional surfer.  Away from the beach and the waves are high, off Tanjung Setia Beach has calm waters. This is where the diving lovers and anglers gathered, both crawl the content of the ocean is so beautiful. Amazing phenomenon that should not be missed is at sunset. Orange sky met with large waves really can make you endlessly amazed. Especially while watching the surfers …

Exotic Sunset in Lovina Beach and Watching Hundreds of Dolphins in Bali

Lovina, or often called Lovina Beach is one of the tourist areas of the sea are in the northern part of Bali. The beach is located in Lovina in North Bali this is interesting because it is still relatively natural. One of the uniqueness of this beach is that you can see the action of wild dolphins that are in the sea.  Attractions Lovina Beach located in Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng. From the center of Kota Singaraja, you have to travel 9 miles, or about half an hour. If you come from Tabanan, you can directly come here to the Seririt-Singaraja. Meanwhile, if you access it from Denpasar, you need to take the path of Denpasar-Singaraja. Because the road was fairly straight, it did not take long to get to this place. Attractions Lovina Beach is usually crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Day-to-day work is quite crowded, especially in the afternoon. If morning visitors prefer to see a dolphin off the coast, in the afternoon the visitors prefer to enjoy the beach and sunset. Sunset at Lov…

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature object Posong Temanggung

Nature attraction sites of Posong are located in the hamlet Posong, Tlahab Village, District Kledung, Waterford. if we are from Temanggung, after the bridge Sigandul (no writing) up again around 100 meters. in there there is road  entrance  into Posong on right  the road. The right time to enjoy the scenery Posong is during sunrise. Often there are the come midnight, make a tent, waiting for sunrise. but could not imagine the climb the extreme road  , at night do not have lights . Right time to visit on this tour  posong is during the tobacco season, between the months of June to August. Because in the months that the landscape natural will be green all, everything is  filled with  a  tobacco tree. Pusong fairly new tourist attractions in Temanggung, where Posong already becoming known in Temanggung and the surrounding communities. Even Posong not only known in the public eye Temanggung only, but people of Central Java as well as foreign.

Under the Sea Heaven Raja Ampat in West Papua

Raja Ampat is a district with an area of ​​more than 4.5 million acres, and is located to the west of the Kepala Burung of West Papua. 85% of the district is the ocean, the rest are islands of more than 600 islands. Of the 600 islands, there are 4 major islands, namely Misool Island, Island Waigeo, Batanta Island, and Salawati Island. In addition to the four islands, only 35 islands in the Raja Ampat Islands are inhabited, the rest was inhabited by people. Only about 400 islands in the Raja Ampat Islands-has been explored, the rest is still not touched by humans at all. The name Raja Ampat comes from the local stories. According to the story, there was a woman who found seven eggs fruit. The eggs are then hatched, 4 of which hatches into a prince, while three other eggs hatch into a woman, a stone, and ghosts. 4 The prince became king in each island, namely Misool Island, Island Waigeo, Batanta Island, and Salawati Island and eventually referred to as Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Islands h…

Enjoying the Beautiful Morning in the Ijen Crater.

Mount Ijen is an active volcano located on the border between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. This mountain has an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level and located adjacent to Mount Merapi. Ijen volcano last erupted in 1999. One of the most famous natural phenomenon of Mount Ijen is its crater located on its summit.

The Ijen crater is always full of tourist every day.  Tourist package visiting the Ijen Crater is climbing / trekking into a crater lake the largest in the World , with the color of bluish green, along with the beautiful mountain scenery and fascinating. tourist park situated in the nature reserve kawah ijen, in the border Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java. Tourism Kawah ijen is an acidic crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen, East Java, has a height of 2368 meters above sea level with a depth of 200 meters and a vast lake crater reached 5466 hectares.
Cold enough temperatures typical of the mountains and the scenery is very beautiful and fasci…