Watching beautiful Sunrise on Sanur Beach, Bali.

Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is located in the village of Sanur, which includes South Denpasar district areaLevel II Regional Municipality of DenpasarFrom Denpasar city center is only about 3 miles or from Ngurah Rai international airport is approximately 18 kmThe beach is located on the east and south of the village of Sanur, which is the edge of the ocean located south of the Indonesian island of BaliTo reach this beach location is easily accessible because of the highly crowded public transport between Sanur - Denpasar.
pantai sanur
Sanur beach every day is visited by foreign tourists and domestic touristsOn Sundays and holidaysthe beach is a prime choice for Denpasar city residents for recreation while swimming at the beach SanurWhile the full moon day, in the evening a lot of visitors who come to relax while seeing the beauty of the beach at night.
pantai sanur
Besides the beauty of the beachin the tourist area also include Museum Le Mayeur and Inscription Blanjong that became tourists, especially foreign tourists to visit the beaches of Sanur.
The main attraction of Sanur beach is because in the north coast of circular shaped like a half circle and on the south coast that turn from east to westwhere the sea water waves are not so big that when sea water is receding it will show the stones reef that stretches colorful.
sunrise beach


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