Museum Reksa Artha Jakarta

Do you know Artha Reksa Museum? Indeed, not many people know this, or as famous museums such as the National Monument and Museum Fatahillah. In fact, the museum has an important role to the history of Indonesia.

Museum Artha Reksa or the means to store objects as a means of making money built by Mr. H. Rev. Hagono. He was the Director of State Owned Money Printing Company (PERURI) on December 15, 1987. Then was inaugurated on January 30, 1989.

After independence on August 17, 1945, Indonesia has not fully use the currency as it is today. At that time there were three valid currencies, one of which is the ringgit. And just on October 30, 1946, Oeang Republic of Indonesia (ORI) came into effect and outstanding as the only legal tender. Not only that, it turns out the role of the pioneer Printing ORI experienced a long period before the money is approved.

Artha Reksa Museum

This Artha Mutual Museum must be visited, because the museum holds a wide range of printing machines, cutting machines, tools repro photo, and other appropriate equipment at the time of printing.

This museum is strategically located, not far from Fatmawati Hospital, South Jakarta. If you come from the direction of Cilandak then be on the right. The building the museum is not as big as other museums in Jakarta but if you go into it, you will be astonished at the number of money-making machine there. You will also be amazed because these machines are still maintained good and not dusty.

From the front entrance there is a statue of Mr. Widjojo Soetjipto Along the walls of the museum, you will see the painting imagination fighters printing ORI. In the middle of the museum, therein lies the machines. You will not tired of walking in there, because this museum consists of one large room only. Approximately only takes 30 minutes, for you to enjoy Artha Mutual Museum. It is time you know the history of our nation's currency.


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