Museum Ratna Wartha in Bali

There are murals I Gusti Nyoman LempadMonsterSome parts were damagedColors disappear with timeIn the work of Anak Agung Gede there HoldingMilk for the spirits of mothers and fathers (1939). This is Castle PaintingThere is a mythology of BaliThere BimaGarudaLeak, and puppet storiesHoweverthere are also pictures of young girls shirtlessbathe in the pond.
Museum Ratna Wartha in Bali
According to Jean Couteaua researcher-cum-writer of Francein the book Museum Puri PaintingsPuri collection Painting a renewal eyewitness painting and sculpture in BaliThis update occurred during the Dutch East IndiesBalinese artists to the art of the 19th century to serve the purposes of religious rituals or aristocracyWhen the Balinese kingdoms conquered Hollandthe influence of foreigners was slowly entering into BaliColonialism made ​​Balinese art changedThe art is even more prevalent with the development of tourism of Bali in the 1920s.
"Now his collection of more than 200 pieces of paintingsculpture there may be 80's," said Tjokorda Good Astikadirector of the Museum Puri PaintingsThe collection is mostly collected Rudolf BonnetTalk Puri Paintings must talk about BonnetWalter Spiesand Tjokorda Agung Sukawati - triad plays a major role in the renewal of Balinese art.
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