Air Force Aerospace Museum Center Mandala

Mandala Air and Space Museum is located at the northern end of Bantul and Sleman district directly adjacent to the region precisely in complex Air Force Base Adisucipto Yogyakarta.
Dirgantara Mandala
Although its location is somewhat hidden in the Air Force complex, yet easy access to this place. Because only about 200 m from the main road Jackie (Ring Road east) Yogyakarta. Where the road crossed by many public transportation, both bus (inter city as well as in the city) or other public transportation.
Museum Dirgantara
Mandala Air and Space Museum is the most complete in Indonesia which occupies an area of ​​five acres with a building area of ​​approximately 7,600 m2. History Air Museum Mandala comes from the merging of two Central Museum of the Air Force Museum was established in 1967 in Jakarta and Museum Education or Youth educational complex that is in the Armed Forces Academy Part Air Yogyakarta. In 1977 both were later combined. 
Mandala Air and Space Museum Collection exhibiting a collection of historic objects, among other things: a collection of relics of the heroes of the air, diorama, miniature aircraft, aircraft from Western countries and the Eastern Bloc, firearms, weapons, aircraft engines, radar, bombs or rockets, parachutes and statues of the Air Force.
The building is divided into six spaces. Namely, the main space, space Chronology I and II, Space Alutsista, Paskhas Space, Space Diorama, Aerospace and Space Interests.

Museum Center TNI AU


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