Legend Affandi museum Yogyakarta

Collection of original paintings maestro Affandi's works can be seen at the Museum Affandi Yogyakarta, precisely in Jogja-Solo highway, west bank of Gajah Wong River.
Museum Affandi
Building such a magnificent castle that supposedly comes from the idea of ​​Affandi's own design. In the museum complex there are 3 Gallery which houses various works. I opened gallery space since 1962 displaying his personal works of Affandi painting in the early career until the end of his life, even there is a collection of items such as cars berharaga Affandi 1976 Colt Gallan greenish yellow color.
museum affandi kota jogja
In Gallery II, which was inaugurated in 1988, there are collections of paintings of many painters beginners to seniors. Gallery II consists of 2 floors. Level 1 contains abstract paintings, while the second floor contains the theme of realist painting.
Tour de Museum Jogja
In the museum the last search, the gallery III tangible building with a roof like a banana leaf midrib. This 3-storey gallery is a multifunctional building, level 1 used as well as art gallery exhibition space for the children like to paint, second floor of the treatment room painting, and the basement as a place to store a collection of paintings.
Museum Affandi
There is a tower to see the sights in the near galeria III. You can look at the circumstances surrounding the museum from a height of up to charm Gajah Wong River. So little explanation in the exploration of the museum Affandi.
Affandi museum tower.


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