Le Mayeur Museum in Bali

Le Mayeur Museum is located in the tourist area of ​​Sanur Beach, Denpasar 
Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres is a descendant of royalty from Belgium. He was born in Brussels, February 9, 1880, and inherited the art from his parents' blood. Education is the last building engineer at the University Libre, Brussels. Because of prohibited develop the talents of painting, Le Mayeur desperate to leave his family and travel the world.
Le Mayeur Museum in Bali
Le Mayeur arrived in Bali in 1932 through the port in the city of Singaraja. Shortly thereafter, he went to Denpasar and Sanur Beach began to settle. Le Mayuer originally planning to travel for eight months, but see the natural beauty and the beauty of the dancers of Bali, Le Mayeur conceived to establish a home and painting studio on the edge of Sanur Beach. Legong dancer named Ni Nyoman Pollok who modeled his painting Le Mayeur appealing to mempersuntingnya. They later married.
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Home and painting studio built by Le Mayeur later dedicated as a museum. Through a will written in 1957, it was agreed that if the pair Le Mayeur-Ni Pollok had died, then their house in Sanur beach will be submitted to the government as a museum.
Le Mayeur known as a painter who raised the beauty of natural scenery, cultural expressions, as well as the beauty of Balinese women into the canvas. Inside the museum, visitors can enjoy the works of paintings and objects of historic relics Le Mayeur such as chairs, carved tables, beds, cabinets, ceramic vase, silverware, urns, books, and sculpture.
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Le Mayeur's paintings reach 88 pieces, generally characterized impressionist, and was made between 1921 to 1957 Uniquely, these works some of which use media other than painting a canvas, for example hardboard, plywood, paper, and bagor or burlap. The media painted burlap, for example, is used by Le Mayeur during the Japanese occupation because of trouble getting shipments canvas of Belgium.
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