Great Mosque of Banten

This is one of the older mosques with historical value are important in the archipelago. Was first built  by Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1552-1570), as well as the first sultan of the Sultanate of Demak and Sunan Gunung Jati first son. This mosque than as a center for the development of Islam in Banten, as well as to complement the existing building sultanate. Great Mosque of Banten is located in the compound of the mosque in the village of Banten Lama, about 10 km north of the town of Serang.
Great Mosque of Banten
Great Mosque of Banten is a historic building during the spread of Islam in Java to the west and is now a favorite place of pilgrims in Java. Although it has been outstanding for more than 4 centuries but this mosque is still standing strong and well-maintained. As with other mosques, the building housed the parent rectangle.

Mosque entrance at the front side of six which means Pillars of Faith. Six door was kept short so that every pilgrim down to humble themselves when entering the house of the Lord. 24 Number of pole mosque depicts 24 hours in a day


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