Gallery of Bengkulu Lake Dendam Tak Sudah

Has an area of ​​about 37.50 hectares, the lake is located in the City of Curup, North Bengkulu, not far from the center of the city of Bengkulu, which is approximately 6 miles. The lake is surrounded by green hills is a preservation area that holds a lot of potential ecological and ecosystem balance.
Dendam Tak Sudah
Revenge Lake Nature Reserve Not already undergone several expansion areas. First in 1936, where the Dutch East Indies government designated it a nature reserve with a total area of ​​11.5 hectares. In 1979, the nature reserve dipeluas again to 430 hectares. Until 1999, the total area to 577 hectares
Cagar Alam Danau Dendam Tak Sudah
The lake is a habitat for several rare species of fish. The fish comes from the family Anabantidae, Bagridae, and Cyprinidae. Another special thing about this lake is the main habitat for rare endemic plants, namely pencil orchid (Vanda hookeriana). Other species also live here like a sun orchids, palm, plawi, Pulai, daffodils, Gelam, stretched, sikeduduk, brosong, Ambacang swamp, and ferns.
Danau Dendam Tak Sudah
In addition to the flora and fauna that inhabit the sanctuary areas is also often a spectacle or attraction for tourists. Animals such as monkeys or apes long tail often looks hanging in the trees around the lake. Several other types of animals that inhabit the area around the lake is finches, wild boar, gibbons, python and many others.
Danau Dendam Tak Sudah
Another story is set in history when the Dutch occupied Indonesia at that time decided to make a dam at this lake. The aim is that the lake water is not easily overflow to facilitate the construction of roads around the lake. However, in practice, the construction of dams stalled or never completed. "Dam It's been" so they call it. Somehow originally "Dam Tak It" has now changed to "It's Not Revenge".
danau dendam tak sudah bengkulu


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