Economic System of Bali

Generally, Balinese Arts livelihood areas of society, such as sculpture, painting, handicraft and others - others. But not all, some are involved in agriculture and industry, for example weaving company in Denpasar.Bali have the potential of natural resources and a very good person, is a tourist attraction that is most prominent. The attraction can be used as a source of income (debt instruments), with lots of interesting ways - a lot of foreign tourists. Not only that, Bali also has forests and mountains that can be extracted natural wealth. The soil is good and fertile enough so that it can be used as agricultural land or plantations, even for industry. Aside from tourism, the Balinese are also living from agriculture and fisheries artists. Language .Most also choose to use in Bali is Indonesian, Balinese and English, especially for those who work in the tourism sector. 


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