Danar Hadi Batik Museum.

As a work of valuable ground water is also recognized UNESCO, Batik Museum Danar Hadi be an oase for us difficult to find traces of the history of batik. Danar Hadi Batik Museum is located in the complex Ndalem Wuryaningratan, Solo.Danar Hadi Museum is on Jl. Slamet Riyadi 261 Solo, and open from 09:00 to 17:00. To go in there, visitors have to buy admission tickets, IDR 30,000 per person.
Batik Danar Hadi
The initiator of this museum is H. Santosa Doellah who is also the owner of the company Danar Hadi batik with his wife, Mrs. Santosa Doellah.Beliau concerned and obsessed with the preservation and development of batik art in Indonesia and the world. Upon success, the company is going to contribute something valuable to the famous traditional arts as an expression of the life and philosophy of Javanese culture.
museum batik
Some batik collection at this museum (especially batiks old) apparently made ​​for the king and the nobility. Batik with special motifs are apparently prohibited worn layman. As a result, batik motifs Parang Barong, Udan Lyrical, Ageng Cement, Cement Ayres considered sacred
Museum Batik Danar Hadi
Batik collections in this museum was partially obtained directly from the four palaces in Solo and Yogyakarta Kraton Surakarta namely, Kraton Yogyakarta Sultanate, as well Mangkunegaran Pakualaman Temple.
museum batik dinar hadi


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