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Happy World Tourism Day on 27 September 2014


Detention House of President Soekarno

Location of the house is located at the Bung Karno Exile Orange Road is now renamed Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Anggut Upper Village, District Gading Cempaka, the city of Bengkulu. Its location in the center of the city will help you find it. In this house relics stored Bung Karno that have historical value as well accompany Mr. Proclaimers in formulating strategies for the struggle in exile. The division of space and arrangement of a collection of historical objects in the house is neat and orderly. This exile home original size is 162 m² with building 9 x 18 m. Rectangular shape of the building no legs and plain walls. Having a yard large enough with pyramid-shaped roof. The main double-leaved doors, rectangular with a rectangular window decorated lattice. Not yet known when the house was first established but is expected to be built early 20th century. The house originally belonged to Chinese businessman named Tan Eng cian who worked at that time as penyumplai groceries for the Dutch Ea…

Gallery of Bengkulu Lake Dendam Tak Sudah

Has an area of ​​about 37.50 hectares, the lake is located in the City of Curup, North Bengkulu, not far from the center of the city of Bengkulu, which is approximately 6 miles. The lake is surrounded by green hills is a preservation area that holds a lot of potential ecological and ecosystem balance. Revenge Lake Nature Reserve Not already undergone several expansion areas. First in 1936, where the Dutch East Indies government designated it a nature reserve with a total area of ​​11.5 hectares. In 1979, the nature reserve dipeluas again to 430 hectares. Until 1999, the total area to 577 hectares The lake is a habitat for several rare species of fish. The fish comes from the family Anabantidae, Bagridae, and Cyprinidae. Another special thing about this lake is the main habitat for rare endemic plants, namely pencil orchid (Vanda hookeriana). Other species also live here like a sun orchids, palm, plawi, Pulai, daffodils, Gelam, stretched, sikeduduk, brosong, Ambacang swamp, and ferns. …

Visit Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu, the Largest British Fort in the Southeast Asia.

Fort Marlborough (Fort Marlborough) is not only a bastion of the British territory on the west coast of Sumatra but also as a place to maintain the monopoly of pepper Bengkulu and trade. The fort was built by the East India Company (EIC) in 1713 to 1719 during the leadership of Governor Joseph Callet. The fort is considered as the second strongest fort belonging to the British in the east after the castle of St. George in Madras, India. Marlborough own name given by the British government which holds to John Churchill Duke of Marlborough I as a mark of respect. Initially used as a defense fort but switching function as a commodity trading at the same pepper supervision center of the Malacca Strait. Judging from the architecture of the castle is more like dwelling in the city center than the fort or trading center. According to the British Library records that exist in this fort explain the process of baptism, marriage, and death of the occupants. There are approximately 90 civilian a…

Visit the Museum of Jamu Nyonya Meneer, Original Legendary Indonesian Herbs.

Jamu Nyonya Meneer Museum is the first museum on the Indonesian herbs located on Jl. Kaligawe Km 4 Semarang, Indonesia. Apart from seeing a collection of personal items belonging to Nyonya Meneer and traditional herbal medicine-making process, visitors can learn about the history of herbal medicine in the archipelago.

Herbal medicine is one of the cultural heritage of the past that continue to persist until today. Although it is not known exactly when the start of dispensing and drinking herbal traditions, how to maintain the health and beauty care with this traditional herb certainly has been running since hundreds of years ago.

This was evidenced by the discovery of inscriptions Madhawapura which was written during the Majapahit Kingdom. In the inscription, the profession of herbs mixing was known as Acaraki. After the heyday of the Majapahit end, dispensing and drinking herbal tradition was continued during the time of the Islamic Mataram kingdom. Even the herbs into the exclusive…

Natural Attractions Bukit Kaba

Hill Nature Objects kaba a twin volcano with a black mountain that has been extinguished. At the top there are three craters are quite beautiful to dinikmati.Untuk reach the top of the mountain climbers kaba is prior to the Rejang Lebong District City - Curup. For Curup to be reached from the west of Bengkulu about 90 miles round trip and also climbers can reach it from the east, from Palembang and Lahat regency through Lubuk Linggau. From Curup kaba hill toward the village and camping in the village Source Urip (north mountain) approximately 25 miles from Curup. The climb up to the top of the village in the dike durian source urip approximately 1 to 4 hour drive, but this time can be a vehicle with two wheels and four wheels, even now there are motorcycle taxis are available to take the tourists to get to the top of the hill kaba. On the way to the top of the hill kaba there are a lot of beautiful scenery and beautiful to the eye and plantations belonging to residents in the form of…

Thermal Baths Suban Rejang Lebong Bengkulu

Rejang Lebong District has many attractions Nature is quite interesting, one of which is the Thermal Baths Suban. Tourism Regions Thermal Baths Suban is located about 6 kilometers from the city Curup.  At this location there are pools of hot springs. Pond shape is simple, but the nature around it is very beautiful coupled with cliffs overgrown with trees.  With this unification, the atmosphere is very natural in the pool splinter. Hot springs that exist in these ponds comes from springs that flowed through the pipes or bamboo poles to form like a fountain. Soak in the hot tubs actually provide superb relaxation. after soaking our bodies seemed fresh again, exhausted and tired even disappear instantly. The legend says that this natural hot spring is believed to cure various skin diseases, muscle pains, and rheumatism. Therefore, for those who experience this game trying to soak in hot water bathing this Suban. Access to Water Heat Suban is not difficult because it is only about 3 mile…

Visit MURI (Indonesian Record Museum), Semarang

Indonesian World Record Museum was established on the initiative of Jaya Soeprana Jamu JAGO in the industrial area of Semarang Independence Pioneer Road on January 27, 1990 and was inaugurated by the head of the ministry and the Ministry of Welfare Soepardjo Soedomo Roestam witnessed by Ibn Soetowo PMI Chairman and Governor of Central Java, HM Ismail. Indonesian World Record Museum then more popular as provided by the MURI Soepardjo MURI Roestam at the inauguration ceremony. MURI building itself is in the industrial area of Semarang Jamu Jago. Vast space of about 600 m2 exhibition space consists of data and photo MURI, and meeting hall space Jamu Jago eskhibisi Museum which displays photographs and historical objects that company in 1918 in the village of Solo, Central Java by Soeprana kindergarten. MURI is the first institution in Indonesia that collects specific data record is superlative in Indonesia. Establishment and implementation of activities fully supported by the MURI effor…

Rawadano Nature Reserve in Banten

Attraction dubbed as the Swamp Lake is located in Serang district, and is 101 km from Jakarta. This location is an area dominated marshes, there is also a lake. The total area of ​​approximately 2,500 hectares of overgrown by various types of trees. The island is also known as a tourist attraction is a place to nest for various types of animals reptiles, such as snakes and crocodiles. Not less than 250 species of birds living in this area. We can reach this location through three channels, namely;  • Jakarta - Cilegon - Anyer - Rawaadano,  • Jakarta - Serang - Padarincang - Rawadano, and  • Jakarta - Serang - Anyer - Cinangka - Padarincang - Rawadano. Where this one was already known to many people as a place to rest. Even the Department of Tourism Serang make Rawa Dano as a scenic attraction. Rawa Dano charm possessed a lake at the foot of a hill or mountain. If the sun is shining brightly, it would seem marsh in the distance. Verdant expanse of water that looks, on various types of…

Exotic Mountain Krakatau in the Sunda Strait

Who would have thought, now of Mount Krakatau has been transformed into a region famous for its beautiful attractions which are difficult to find in other places. Although the former has a scary history stories, now Mount Krakatau so friendly travelers greet all visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of Mount Krakatau . Tourism Mount Krakatau located in Sunda Strait between the islands of Sumatra precisely located and Java, Krakatoa is very global reputation. Even a painter Edvard munch's make a painting called call price is the most expensive in the world. To get there we usually through the city of Lampung to reach the islands there, From Jakarta we used to ride the bus to the port of Merak about 3 hours. then we climbed the ship to the port of Bakauheni for 3 hours. So from there we have not until we had to travel overland to the port about 30 minutes then got canti canti port shuttle us in a special timber ships to reach the island - the island there. Before we traveled around…

Umang Island is truly stunning natural scenery

Umang or kumang is a marine animal that is often used as a toy by children with colorful paint. The round shape of the building is a depiction Umang Island on behalf of Umang Island, one of the small island at the tip of Java, precisely in Pandeglang, Banten. Now, this small island was transformed into a tourist attraction that has menasional, which mirrored each weekend much visited by tourists, especially those who live in around Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek). walk around the island hermit does not take long .The island Umang truly stunning natural scenery especially when his evening twilight when the sky is bright benderang.matahari looks beautiful. on this island there is a resort that is set up with a natural artistic touch, deilengkapi with meeting rooms, cafe, spa, bsnis center, sunset lounge, club, beach, swimming pool and so on, in addition to the available facilities and recreational water sports, jogging track, cross-country , tennis court, kar…

Find Old Trains Collection in Railway Museum, Ambarawa City, Central Java, Indonesia.

Have ever heard of the Willem I railway station in Indonesia? Yes, It is now known as the railway museum located at Station Road no.1 Ambarawa, Semarang regency, Central Java. This station was the first station made ​​on the orders of King Willem I of the Netherlands for transporting the Dutch troops from Ambarawa to Semarang.

During the Dutch colonization, Ambarawa was the Dutch military base in Central Java. On the 21 May, 1873 a railway station was built on a land with an area of 127,500 m2 in Ambarawa. This station was later called as the Willem I Station. This railway station discontinued its function in 1970 and six years later established as a museum by the Governor of Central Java at that time, Soepardjo Roestam. Ambarawa is a hour driving from Semarang, the Capital City of Central Java Province. The museum is located not far from the Monument Palagan Ambarawa, located in the Semarang-Yogyakarta highway. This place has a collection of 21 steam locomotives. Out of those, ther…