Agrotourism at Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Gunung Mas Agro Tourism is one of the picnic spots in the Puncak area, Bogor Regency about 87 km from Jakarta with approximately two hour driving of car. This tourist spot has the largest tea plantation in the Puncak area. This tourist destination is owned by a state owned company PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII.
Spend your weekend holiday here, you'll be amazed by the stunning view of tea plantation like a stretch of green carpet. Besides, at the height of 1200 m you will also be spoiled with the panorama of Mount Salak and Mount Gede .

Not only that, Gunung Mas which carries the refreshing and sport tagline also offers some interesting tour packages that are worth a try. Because there are many activities that can be done, we summarize them in a to do list: Here are 7 things that can be done at Gunung Mas:

1. Tea Time and Fried BananaAfter paying the entrance ticket of IDR 15,500 / person, visitors can exchange tickets with a packet of Walini Tea at Gunung Mas Agro Tourism Offi…

Istana Presiden Cipanas

Puncak is a very popular area of tourist destinations, among its attractions is Istana Presiden Cipanas. Istana Presiden Cipanas is one of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia, sitting at the foot of Mount Gede at an altitude of 1,100 m above sea level, West Java, approximately 103 km from Jakarta towards Bandung via main road to Puncak. This palace is located in Sindangjaya Village, Cipanas District, Cianjur Regency. Its address is at Jl. Raya Cipanas No. 105, Desa Sindangjaya, Kecamatan Cipanas, Kabupaten Cianjur, Jawa Barat 43253.

The building stands on an area of 26 ha with a building area of 7,760 m2. Cipanas Palace consists of the main building, six pavilions, a special building and two other buildings, one of which is a hot water reservoir and another is a mosque.The old building officially called the Main Building of the Cipanas Presidential Palace stands on an area of 982 m2.As the name implies, this building is the largest building compared to other build…

Hang Gliding and Paragliding At Ta awun

Puncak is home to paragliding and hang gliding, particularly in area of agro tourism Gunung Mas. This place is also called Bukit Gantole where during the 2018 Asian Games is used as the venue of  the paragliding competition. The Gantole Hill  is not far from the At-Ta'awun Mosque, approximately around 300 mtr.

Bukit Gantole can be accessed either from Jakarta and Bandung. From Jakarta using private car, you can take Toll Road Jagorawi heading to Cisarua and then Puncak. From Bandung, you can take Toll Road Cipularang and then exit at Toll Gate Padalarang heading to Cianjur and end at Jalan Raya Puncak km 87.

Upon arrival at the Bukit Gantole Puncak Paragliding, you will also buy an entrance ticket of IDR 13,000 per person and insurance included. As well as car parking rates of Rp. 5,000 motorbikes Rp.2. 000. Registration can be done by booking or paying immediately.The cost for this paragliding tandem is Rp. 350,000 per person and Rp.400,000 for foreign tourists.


Mosque Atta awun.

For those of you who have or have often traveled to the Cisarua area, Puncak, Bogor is certainly no stranger to the existence of the Atta'awun Mosque. This mosque is widely used as a haven for road users to offer prayers, or just rest while in the Puncak tea plantation area, Bogor.
Besides being beautiful, the Atta’awun mosque is also magnificent with all the pleasant facilities, so it's not surprising that many people take the time to pray at the mosque. Atta’awun Mosque has a unique and beautiful design with a large dome. Around the mosque there is also a fish pond filled with koi ornamental fish and behind it is the Atta'awun waterfall. Anyone who prays at the mosque will feel extraordinary calm with the cool air and the sound of splashing water that sounds clear when we are praying.
In fact this mosque was built by PT. Gunung Mas, a subsidiary of PTPN VIII in collaboration with the West Java Provincial Government. PT. Gunung Mas inherits its land and the West Java…

Let's Visit Kota Bunga, Puncak, West Java.

One of the favorite tourist destinations in Puncak is the City of Flowers. Kota Bunga is a tourist area built on an area of 116 ha. The uniqueness of this tourist attraction is the attraction of places and sights similar to the city in the country. One of the similarities offered is Venice, Italy. The high level makes this place called the name Little Venice Bogor.

The Flower City of Little Venice offers a very pleasant tourist sensation. in this place we can see a variety of buildings with similar architecture in the City of Venice.

Enjoy Ornamental Plants in Liwa Botanical Garden, West lampung, Lampung Province.

Lampung Province is a well-known tourist destination in Indonesia. Rich of natural resources including biological wealth, making natural attractions in Lampung Province are abound. Especially in West Lampung in the village of Pekon Kubu Perahu, Balik Bukit District, the City of Liwa (Capital City of West Lampung Regency) is currently being built a Botanical Garden, Liwa Botanical Garden. 
The development of the Liwa Botanical Garden  was the result of collaboration between the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the Bogor Botanical Garden Plant Conservation Center (Kebun Raya Bogor) and the Ministry of Public Works and West Lampung Regency Government.
Located on the back of the Bukit Barisan Mountains with cool air and beautiful panorama covering an area of 112 hectares, the Liwa Botanical Garden is a conservation area with the theme of conservation and development of Ornamental Plants, Flora Representation of Southern Sumatra National Park (TNBBS), both flowering and b…

Photo Galleries of Ornamental Plant Collection in Liwa Botanical Garden.